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Michael Oster - Artist Bio:

Michael began his professional career in 1992 and started F7 Sound and Vision in 1993. His sound recordings have appeared worldwide in feature-film, radio, television, and on the web.

Dr. ReGurgiTron by Michael Oster experience the surreal atmospheric sound design.
Michael Oster - Aliens Invade 2013

Program time - [1 track - 63:34]

Production Info:

Sound Design,
Recording, Mastering
by: Michael Oster
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...Aliens Invade! - Michael Oster (2013)

An experiment in human artificial intelligence sends an errant signal into space and aliens are inadvertently contacted. Then it gets weird.

Michael Oster hits the ground running in 2013 with ...Aliens Invade! Dive deep into his world of abused sounds, tape collage, damaged goods, synthetic creatures and random bursts of wild energy. ...Aliens Invade! crosses the bounds of dark ambient, electronic noise, digital glitch, strange synths and broken beats while managing to stay on this side of chaos - barely. This is what happens when rules become meaningless.