circuit bent tr-707 drum machine

WARNING: You break it... it isn't my fault! Your mileage may vary. Don't try this unless you're sure you know what you're doing! You're messing with electricity and it can be dangerous! If you have no idea what circuitbending is, then DON'T TRY THIS! You may wipe the TR 707's memory so be sure to BACK UP any important data before proceeding.

Inside the TR-707 on the opposite side of the ribbon connector, you'll see the area highlighted in red where I found circuit bending 'paydirt'. The small piece of tape is there to keep a couple of the wires from shorting to each other (it's pretty tight in there).

circuit bent roland tr 707
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Below: A more detailed shot of the section that I focused my bending on. Where you see green wires is where I made my bends. That doesn't mean that there aren't more bending possiblities anywhere else on the circuitboard. I just found so much stuff where I highlighted that I ran out of switches and had to stop.

FLUID electronic music CD from Michael Oster
TR 707 board closeup of circuit bends


You won't believe what you're hearing!
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circuit bent software synthesizer using Reaktor

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Hell yes! I (ab)used Reaktor and created a circuit bent software synthesizer. I've been working on this off and on for over a year. Now, after many refinements, it's ready for the world.

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