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3 CD-ROMs - 1792 original, custom designed sound effects. From cutting-edge shrieks, extreme hits, sweeps, and rips; to thick distortion, noise bursts, ambient textures, sci-fi bleeps, and plenty more. more
royalty free sound effects in wav and aiff formats
wav file sound effects of circuit bent game are royalty free.

IMPACT Your Audience, Like a Frying Pan to the Head

Concept:FX circuitBenT MaTH

Unlike most sound effects collections, Concept:FX circuitBenT MaTH defies an easy description. Each sound effect is very short which makes it easy to create new combinations and phrases by stringing several files together. Plus, circuitBenT MaTH works great mixed with other sounds too.

Think of it as a 647 piece sound construction kit of exotic glitch and chaos.

Use Concept:FX circuitBenT MaTH to:

  • Give your radio IDs an ear-catching flare.

  • Insert clips of offbeat gibberish into your corporate video for a comic punch.

  • Use individual glitches for "button push" sounds on your website.

  • Add the sounds of malfunction to computer games as things break down or get destroyed.

  • Create a new kind of sampled drum kit and give your music the unconventional "spice of disfunction".

  • And it's only $15.95 for all 647 royalty-free sounds!!!

How it was done

Take one mint conditon 1980 Texas Instruments Speak and Math handheld learning game. Mis-wire its guts (also known as circuit bending it).

Carefully record the output and this is what you get: a unique mix of vocal quirks, hiccups, stutters, crackles, squeaks, tweaks, blabber phrases, digital indecision, noise bursts, and utter nonsense that only comes from a lovingly circuit bent voice synthesizer.

I strongly recommend that you have at least a cable modem or DSL connection to download this product.

When you purchase Concept:FX circuitBenT MaTH, you'll be taken to a page with a link to the file to be downloaded. There will be 2 files will be about 20 mb in size but, you only need to download 1 either the .sit for Mac or the .zip for PC. They will decompress with Stuffit Expander. A free version is available at Aladdin Systems website.

Once decompressed, there will be a folder that's called "BentMath". Inside are 647 wav files. All are mono, 16 bit, 44.1k. And remember, you only need to download ONE of the available file formats... (.sit for Mac / .zip for PC).

Frequently asked questions:

$15.95 for 647 royalty-free sounds - Are you out of your mind?
Maybe I am "out of my mind". Here' s why I'm charging such a GREAT price for this package....

Because this is a "Download" only offering. No costs were incurred for the printing and manufacturing of CD-ROMs and paper materials. You're only paying for the sounds themselves as well as the right to use them.

Plus, I want you to come back any buy my future sound effects releases as well (Yes, I'm working on new material).

Are there any limits to "royalty-free"?
Not really. You purchase the sounds. You use them in your music, internet, televison, radio, multimedia, movie, game, or whatever projects.

Your projects can be broadcast. You can sell your projects. Just don't make copies of the sounds and either resell or give them away - either by themselves or with other packages.

Why mono sound files?
Because the Speak and Math is a mono output voice synthesizer device. The sounds were kept mono to accurately represent the unique glitching features of this unit.

Creating a "false stereo" of the sound files would double the downloading size AND it can't be undone. If you don't like the "stereo" effect, you'd be stuck with it .

Can I make a "hard copy" of the sound files for backup purposes?
Yes. You can make one copy on CD-ROM as a backup, but please keep in mind that over 2 months worth of hardcore production work went into making this sound effects collection.

Serious long-term bad luck has been known to fall on those who make illegal copies and/or distribute any of the Concept:FX series sounds illegally.

Concept:FX circuitBenT MaTH specs:

  • 647 short duration "glitch" sounds.

  • Mac and PC compatible wav files.

  • Pro-quality 16 bit 44.1k resolution.

  • Royalty-free! no additional licenses needed.

  • Only $15.95

F7 Sound and Vision is not liable for any mishaps associated with illegal useage and/or distribution of it's products. If you pirate our stuff and get busted (or have a serious bout of long term bad luck), I won't feel sorry for you. You had it coming.

Texas Instruments is not associated with, nor does it endorse (and probably doesn't even know of) F7 Sound and Vision and it's products. Use of the name Texas Instruments on this web site is only to give actual credit to the creators of the wonderful Speak and Math products.

No computer games were actually forced to smoke pot or any illegal substances - Say NO to DRUGS!

royalty free high impact sound effects
royalty free sound effects in WAV format

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