electronic music, ambient soundscapes and sound atmospheres - FLUID - independent CD release by Michael Oster.
electronic IDM ambient glitch 8 bit better, stronger, faster and almost housebroken is Michael Oster's latest CD.

"better, stronger, faster...."

Accidents Happen.

Michael Oster, the creator of "Dungbeetle versus Molecricket", ReGurgiTron, Ma Noise, 16 bit fetus, the Difficult Listening Channel, and Concept:FX brings you this hypnotic adventure in audio abuse.

In "better, stronger, faster....", Oster melts conventional synths, circuit bent instruments, damaged tape, blurred ambiences, field recordings, and manipulated electronics into what is now, "better, stronger, faster, and almost housebroken".

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better stronger faster and almost housebroken - a CD by Michael Oster
What does it sound like?
Waves of cinematic sound collages combined with rhythmic pulses. Sweeps and occasional beats, voices, vivid ambiences, air, emotion, a touch of glitch, organic noise and soothing static.
"Oster is among the ranks of those who know how to make music from madness, song from static."
Kristofer Upjon - reviewing Michael Oster's CD "Fluid"
Entertainment reporter, Pine Bluff Commercial
Download version available from my BandCamp page for $5.00