wild Florida bobcat in my suburban backyard
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Florida Bobcat in my Backyard
Another "kitty" spotted in my Backyard

Of course, when you least expect it... an unusually large cat spotted crossing my yard. The black and white ears and "bobbed tail" were a dead giveaway. Grabbed the camera and snapped this picture of a Florida bobcat who seemed very interested in some snapping turtle for dinner (not shown in this cropped picture).

The full image is in on my Flickr page

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Florida Bobcat in my backyard spotted 10-22-2011
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Bobcat Sighting
Is this the "Hunters Green Mystery Cat"?

still image of Florida Bobcat from video by Michael Oster

second image of bobcat taken 3 hours later. He returns.

Bobcat video 4-12-05:

I shot this video on a Canon ZR-20 miniDV camcorder. Click the button to see the video (mp4 format).

Video taken around 9am:
click to see video - mp4 mp4

About 3 hours later, the bobcat returned. This time, he's just 9 feet from my bedroom window! He grooms a bit, then sits down by the neighbors' fence and has a nap.

Video taken around noon:
click to see video - mp4 mp4
A few years ago there was talk of a strange cat animal roaming Hunters Green in New Tampa. Could this be what they were talking about - a Florida Bobcat? I shot video of this animal in my backyard (Nathan's Court - Hunters Green) early morning April 12, 2005. It's definitely a bobcat, a wild animal that is not seen too often in residental yards. This one was at my treeline, about 25 feet from my patio. I took the second image about 3 hours later when the animal had returned and was less than 10 feet from my bedroom window.

Below: Look just under the slide.... That's a bobcat in Elizabeth Villanova's backyard (taken 10-2-2007 Land O' Lakes, Florida)! Elizabeth, who owns and operates Trendy Things for Tots, snapped this picture from her kitchen window.
Florida Bobcat photo taken 10-2-07 by Elizabeth Villanova
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Below: 5-24-05 - Karin Liss in nearby Fox Chase neighborhood saw 2 bobcat kittens jump from a tree and later photographed a larger bobcat in her yard. The 2 images below were taken by Karin Liss:
Florida Bobcat image taken by Karin Liss
Bobcat image by Karin Liss

I've also heard of bobcat sightings on the Hunters Green golf course and again around Tampa Palms. What this means is that there's plenty of wildlife out there. Just don't mess with it. See a bobcat? Keep your distance. Don't try to feed them or play with them! They can be dangerous!

Like the Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, and Bigfoot, another, lesser known myth stirs the fears and imaginations of mankind. Perhaps true, or just an illusion, there is the legend of the Hunters Green "Mystery Cat". Claimed to have been spotted several time in the Hunters Green subdivision of New Tampa, this "Mystery Cat" appeared to be a larger, wildcat version of it's cousin, the common housecat. Presumed to be a panther or cougar, stories of its appearances made the local papers and television. Locals were on the lookout and traps were set, but alas, no "Mystery Cat". Years passed and talk of such an animal subsided.

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close up of the "mystery cat" a Florida Bobcat
Above: This bobcat may look cute, but it's a wild animal and it has the potential to be dangerous!
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