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Michael Oster
F7 Sound and Vision's Michael Oster has been known to drift off into inner space while listening to all kinds of bizarre sounds. His excuse is that it's "research".

Experience "the Difficult Listening Channel" podcast where the sounds in my head become the sounds in yours. more

podcast "the Difficult Listening Channel"
Mountain Rain
Sometimes you just want to hear the rain. I've had so many requests over the years for a "rain" CD. Here it is, over 64 minutes of soothing rain and nothing else. more
Mountain Rain CD - sometimes you just want to hear rain.
florida bobcat in my backyard
Bobcat in my Backyard!
What looked like a common housecat when its back was to me then turns to reveal something wild! more
Field recording
Field Recording
Get out of the studio and record the sounds around you. more

CD-R versus CD. No Problem
MP3 better than CD? Not Quite.

cd-r versus cd releases

There is no sound quality difference between a CD-R and a factory replicated CD. In fact, the mastered audio files that I burn my CD-R titles from would be the same audio files that I'd send on a CD-R to a replication plant for a mass production CD run.

Releasing on CD-R costs me more per unit, but it allows me to offer more titles because I don't have to pay the huge amount in up-front costs to a replication plant to create runs of 1000 units or more (anything in smaller numbers isn't cost-effective).

Also, releasing on CD-R means that I burn the CDs as I sell them and it saves me from having to store thousands of replicated CDs in inventory.

I quality check every CD-R before I ship them.

Even though professionally replicated CDs are checked at the factory, there are still times that a "dud" makes it out the door.

My CD-R releases don't have the pretty artwork that factory replicated CDs have, but the people that purchase my recordings generally aren't interested in the artwork - it's the sound quality that matters the most.

Mp3 quality is better than CD quality

This is a myth! Mp3 is a form of data compression which is used to greatly reduce download times for audio files. All things being equal, CD quality is going to sound better than mp3, even 320kbps mp3s have a significant amount of data reduction from the standard CD audio.

night sounds CD crickets, night birds, rain drops

Sound of a Dying Hurricane
A Hurricane in Your Headphones!
An intimate soundscape of Hurricane Frances as she spins down over Tampa (Sept. 2004)... more

Suburban Fireworks
Suburban Fireworks
July 4th 2004: Hundreds of households ignite anything that burns to celebrate and your're in the middle of it! more
Suburban Thunder - is your dog afraid of thunderstorms?
Suburban Thunder
Thunderstorm Warning! A powerful Florida thunderstorm captured like none before. Hear intense lightning strikes all around you. more
night sounds CD crickets, night birds, rain drops
Night Sounds
Midnight breezes, rain drops, crickets, frogs, and more. Escape and relax with Night Sounds. more small banner
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