Grandma had a noise band back in the 1930s! Legend has it that a young woman hot-rodded a tube radio and put on Vaudeville style noise shows in the mid-west around 1933. Is she still living among us? Read all about it on my ReGurgiTron site...more

Grandma had a noise band in the 1930s

More fun than a heaping bucket of stomach acid! Psycho circuit bent noise distortion 8-bit glitch. And that's the pretty part. More free tunes to download more

ReGurgiTron Built to Glitch

Music and sound are blurred into an ambient, mystical experience in Michael Oster's latest CD "dissipate".... more

night sounds CD crickets, night birds, rain drops
CD Trauma!
First, I abused tape. Now, I take sand paper and razor blades to perfectly good CDs. more
CD Trauma
sound effects Concept:FX CD-ROMs aiff and WAV sounds
Make your next sting KILL! Need a sonic knockout punch? Unleash F7 Sound and Vision's Concept:FX series royalty free sound effects and go from "stun" to "kill". more

"the Difficult Listening Channel" podcast where the sounds in my head become the sounds in yours. more

podcast "the Difficult Listening Channel"

Tape Destruction
Destroy cassette tapes and get some awesome, mutated new sounds. It's fun, easy and I show you how to do it effectively. more

cassette tape destruction
Circuit Bent Sputnik!
Download my Reaktor Ensemble! Make some lovely, glitchy noise and have fun too. more
circuit bent software synthesizer using Reaktor

A circuit bent soft synth?
Hell yes! I (ab)used Reaktor and created a circuit bent software synthesizer. I've been working on this off and on for over a year. Now, after many refinements, it's ready for the world.

And you can get it FREE! more

Circuit bending page of F7 Sound and Vision

No instrument is safe, no toy left unbroken!

Do you love the sounds of insane glitches, digital hiccups, circuit overloads, stuttering sample loops, and extreme distortion? Do you enjoy taking things apart? Ever heard of circuit bending? If you don't know what circuitbending is, please go to my links page where I've got some highly recommended sites for you to visit.

Meantime, take a look and a listen to some of my circuit bent mutations below - you'll be glad you did.

circuit bent Casio CZ-101 phase distortion synthesizer becomes a noise freak!

Above: Circuit bent Casio CZ-101. Note the 2 "performance" knobs and 7 switches across the top. This synth is now a complete NOISE FREAK! Click the above image to see even larger views.

Hear the latest in my bent CZ-101 synths recorded live and without effects:

MP3 audio demo of sound effects.
Casio CZ-101 v2- bent

(recorded live and without effects)

MP3 audio demo of sound effects.
Casio CZ-101 - bent

(recorded without effects)

look inside Look inside my circuitbent CZ-101 and get even
more info on this '80s synth here!

circuit bent speak and music

Texas Instruments Speak and Music. I added 6 switches, 1 pot, and a reset button. Now it's ready to make some beautiful music! It was a pain in the ass to bend....more

bent speak and math

External Glitch - ing!
What happens when you connect glitch points from 2 or more seprate bent devices? And what if you insert effects pedals into the glitch circuit path of a Speak and Math? I've got the videos showing it. more

"LovePretty" it's a noise attack made with the bent Casio CZ-101 (left) recorded to damaged cassette in a Tascam Porta Two 4 track. 2.4Mb, mp3 "save to disc" to download!

casio mt 240 circuit bent of course

Above: Wow, it's a Casio MT 240 and it's bent too! 14 bends via switch, momentary push, and one knob. Click the image for larger views.

MP3 audio demo of sound effects.
Casio Mt 240 - bent

(recorded without effects)

More features

Michael Oster
F7 Sound and Vision's Michael Oster has recorded music, thunderstorms, F-18s, wild animals, kitchen utensils, celebrities, strange insects.... He also circuitbent the stuff you see on this page. more

Download some of Michael's original music in mp3 format - free and legal! more

the difficult listening channel podcast

Be sure to check out my Podcasts , where I further my mind warping bent experimentation and create devices that will better all of humankind. more

Radio as a Processor
Give your music some amazing new character by transmitting it over the FM airwaves. I show you how. more

Tape Destruction
This insane production technique will give you a whole new method of sound manipulation from the lowly audio cassette! more

Software Circuit Bending: One of my Reaktor 5 creations -

This is a simulated circuit bent instrument. At times, it sounds like a bent Speak and Spell, but that's by chance. I didn't use any samples in this instrument. It's all generated "real time" with Reaktor's oscillators and processors.


(Recorded without edits/effects)

Above: A meeting of the minds - Casio SK-1 and a Speak and Math wired to each others' respective IC's. Both recorded simultaneously. You can feel the love, I know you can.

MP3 audio demo of sound effects.
SK-1 and Speak and Math

(recorded without effects)

Casio SK-1 circuit guts just waiting to be bent.
roland tr-707 circuit bent

Above: My bent Electronic Rap Pad (update - it's dead 11/06). If you thought this thing was annoying on it's own.... This puppy's light sensitive and always ready to glitch! The inner guts have been bent with added caps to enhance the kit's chaos. The only visible sign that this toy was altered is the photocell sticking out from where the 'demo' button was (I was too lazy to drill a new hole). Hit a pad, and exposure to light whips this glitch into a speeding frenzy!

MP3 audio demo of sound effects. Bent Rap Pad listen if you dare

Above: Hot off the soldering iron! I bent my TR-707 and it is ALIVE! Circled are the 8 switches that I added which change the sonic characteristics of how the PCM samples are played. It sounds a whole lot more interesting now, I think. This sound sample was recorded with no effects so you're only hearing the glitching machine in its pristine beauty.

MP3 audio demo of sound effects.
Bent TR-707 drum machine

look inside Look inside my circuitbent 707 here!

circuit bent toy keyboard

Above: Now this is a real RockStar!!!! Bent monophonic kid's toy keyboard. I added a power switch, a switch to go from a 'screaming glitch' to a 'brutal glitch', and a 'glitch adjust' knob. Inside, what you don't see, are several hardwired bends with a few caps added in strategic places. This keyboard is set to permanently glitch.

look inside Look inside my circuitbent Rockstar here!

MP3 audio demo of sound effects. Bent Rockstar here it is! small banner - using laptops as part of a noise making setup. The site's focus is on software, controllers, computers, performances, and experimental artists.

Extreme Tape Manipulation
Play analog tapes on a turntable! All you have to do is replace the needle cartridge with a tape head and then make a "tape record". I'll show you how. more
analog tape head on a turntable
Left: I'm doing a quick jam on the bent Casio CZ101. Please don't ask for schematics because I don't have any. I was too lazy to take notes on what I did as well. But, there are pictures of the guts of this synth with its bends (see below left).

Audio is coming out of the tiny Marshall amp on the floor and there are no effects. What you hear is what you get.
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