royalty free sound effects in wav and aiff formats
  • 1292 custom designed sound effects.

  • Mac and PC compatible (full-quality WAV format download)

  • Pro-quality 16 bit 44.1k WAV files.

  • Royalty-free for broadcast and internet use!
Concept:FX3 - Sound Effects that SCREAM!

Get it fast!! 1292 Full-Quality Sound Effects - Download Now!! $59.95

"This is the greatest CD of wild SFX ever. The CD is so good it is forcing me to expand the way I think about audio production for multimedia. [Concept:FX] CD's give Silver Image Interactive, Inc. a library of special sounds that add life to just about any multimedia experience"

David Rosenblatt
President, Silver Image Interactive

REMIX magazine rates Concept:FX3 4.5 out of 5
July 2001

Electronic Musician rates Concept:FX3 4 out of 5
"F7 Sound and Vision has released another fine collection of creative sound designs. The price is right too. I recommend it."
Jeff Obee - December 2001

- Also reviewed along with Concept:FX vol. 1 & Concept:FX2 in Mac Design; rates 4 out of 5
September / October 2002

Breakdown of Concept:FX3's sounds:

282 bites
173 comic sounds
102 grunge / distortion fx
327 hits
48 longer ambiences and sound clips
171 small sounds
189 static and noise bursts.

Intense, extreme, dynamic, high-octane, spleen-bursting, engineered for speed and agility! Concept:FX3 puts you in command of an all-out sound effects assault.

Concept:FX3 becomes your weapon of sound effects mass destruction with 1292 custom-designed, royalty-free sounds. Locked and loaded. Ready to be unleashed!

Instant inspiration: These sounds just work - almost like magic. And when you need a lot of sounds that simply defy logic and description, but scream "ACTION", you get them with Concept:FX3!

Just one listen to the Concept:FX3
mp3 demo and you'll know right away that these sounds mean business. Good enough to stand on their own, or you can easily combine these sounds to create your own unique sonic signatures.

Concept:FX3's cutting-edge sound effects have been specifically
produced to be an integral part of today's media and are a perfect match for radio imaging, television, video, podcasting, web design, multimedia, and much more.

Download Now!! $59.95

sound effects Concept:FX3.

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