cassette tape destruction

Tape Destruction
Destroy cassette tapes and get some awesome, mutated new sounds. It's fun, easy and I show you how to do it effectively. Pictures and audio examples right now. more

Bobcat in my Backyard!
What looked like a common housecat when its back was to me then turns to reveal something wild! more
florida bobcat in my backyard
radio as a processor
Radio as a Processor
Give your music some amazing new character by transmitting it over the FM airwaves. I show you how. more

Iguana Invasion!
Thousands of giant reptiles call Gasparilla Island home. But are they welcome there? more

iguana invasion of Gasparilla Island
Sony PCM-D50 Review
Can I have "too many" digital audio field recorders? Can a woman have "too many" pairs of shoes? I didn't think so.... learn more
Sony PCM-D50 digital recorder review
BOTS When 22nd Century Technology Fails a novel by Michael I. Oster
My First Novel!!!

BOTS When 22nd Century Technology Fails

It's the year 2117 A software virus is spreading rapidly causing robots to go completely berserk. The only effective way to deal with the bots is to euthanize them. And then the fun begins.

I've put the first 25 chapters online with more on the way.more
Audio Engineer / Recording Studio Jobs

Michael Oster
You may not have heard of me, but chances are, you've heard my sounds.

I started my professional career in 1992 and my sounds have appeared in feature film, television and lots of other interesting places more

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Turn the average laptop into a brutal noise machine. This site explores the computers, software, performances, noise and experimental music artists.
Michael Oster - Official Discography

Audio CDs, digital media and Royalty-free sound effects CD-ROMs released from 1997 through the present.

The Story Behind My CDs
Personality, character, style, emotion and more go in before a CD ever comes out. There's a method to this madness. more

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Podcast - the Difficult Listening Channel
Michael Oster - latest news and credit information
Michael Oster - gitchCITY (2014)
Year Released: 2014

Extreme sound mangling pushing beyond what was considered 'the limits'. Your mind will be blown....again. more

Michael Oster - gitchCITY (2014)
Year Released: 2014

You've probably heard of breakcore, speedcore, and noisecore.... Well, this is A.D.D.core! Just over 60 minutes of cut-up digital mayhem that will scramble your mind. more

Michael Oster - Charlie Don't Surf EP (2014)
Charlie Don't Surf - EP
Year Released: 2014

If it were any longer, you'd go insane! You like cut-up, glitch, noise, broken beats and chip sounds? Of course you do. You think they play well together? Sometimes, maybe. Whatever, at least you can dance to this....OK, not even close. more

Difficult Listening Channel [Director's Cut]
Year Released: 2014

Get it the way it was meant to be heard! Special 24 bit mastered versions of the Difficult Listening Channel podcast episodes. Just the 'music'. All VO has been removed. Experience every glitch, hiccup, stutter and garble. more

Huge In Japan
Year Released: 2013

When Laptops Attack! Once again, Michael turns his laptop into a brutal noise machine. Using his latest and most advanced Reaktor creation, Oster unleashes a relentless wall of noise that's guaranteed to make you dance (not really). more

Messages From Space
Year Released: 2013

The prequel to "...Aliens Invade!" Weeks before the invasion a series of messages were sent to Earth. Complex and confusing, but highly specific instructions were embedded within a stream containing thousands of random sounds.... more

Breakfast at Lobotomy's (2013)
Breakfast at Lobotomy's
Year Released: 2013

It's intense noise. The kind you were warned about. But it's deeper than that. Complex and always moving, Oster keeps it going on "Breakfast at Lobotomy's" with thick, heavy walls of electronic destruction! more

Electric PlacentaLand 2013
Electric PlacentaLand
Year Released: 2013

It started as a synthesizer that I made called "Electric Placenta". It's also a play on a Hendrix release that some of you might recognize. Electric PlacentaLand is loud and intense. Its sonic textures and colors change, evolve and don't let you go. more

...Aliens Invade!
...Aliens Invade!
Year Released: 2013

An experiment in human artificial intelligence sends an errant signal into space and aliens are inadvertently contacted. Then it gets weird. more

Useful Masking Noise CD Michael Oster 2013
Useful Masking Noise
Year Released: 2013

65 minutes of specially-created complex noise which can be used to mask unwanted sounds. A cross between a closeup waterfall hitting cool rocks, old analog television static, with a gentle touch of industrial fan and a faint hint of radio crackle. more

Return of the Prepared AK47 - 2012 Michael Oster
Return of the Prepared AK47
Year Released: 2012

The most famous (or infamous) assault rifle in the world gets a makeover. It's quirky, murky, strange, and beautiful all at the same time. It makes for great background music as well. But it's not what you think. more

Hungarian Throw-up Machine CD 2012
Hungarian Throw-up Machine
Year Released: 2012

The third and final installment of this amazing trilogy! If you're ever in one of my dreams, never, ever, ever, under any circumstances get in an elevator. No matter how normal it seems. Just don't do it. Because it will get weird real quick. That's where this soundtrack begins. more

Buster's Last Stand
Buster's Last Stand
Year Released: 2012

Part 2 of this epic trilogy (Part 1 is "meow")!!! They've finally had enough and now the machines are through with being nice. A crumbling power grid and failing internet can't hold them back. Neither can the nation's best minds. A disaster slowly unfolds. more

Year Released: 2012

Sounds that were never meant to be put together... were put together. A laptop computer was abused and then controlled chaos followed. Some things fell apart. Others simply broke. And more just slowly decayed. This is the soundtrack to what actually happened. more

dissipate CD
Dr. ReGurgiTron
Year Released: 2011

It's a new decade and Michael rings it in with a whole new level of synthesis sound design. The evolution continues. more

Mountain Night CD
Mountain Rain
Year Released: 2008

I've had so many requests over the years for a "rain" CD. After years of recording in many different locations, I finally captured a rain ambience that I am truly happy with. Here it is, over 64 minutes of soothing rain and nothing else. more

Mountain Night CD
Mountain Night
Year Released: 2008

Over 68 minutes of unedited, uninterrupted insect "music" recorded in the North Georgia Mountains. You're hearing it exactly the way they "played" it. Great for soothing sonic wallpaper, it's a relaxing insect symphony. more

Thunderstorms 2007 CD / mp3
Thunderstorms 2007
Year Released: 2008

Though it might at first seem a bit like overkill, Michael also spent the Summer of 2007 recording thunderstorms in Tampa. Why? Because each thunderclap is unique and also because people wanted even more thunderstorms! more

Zombies in the Basement CD - 2007 Michael Oster
Zombies in the Basement!
Year Released: 2007

A Halloween CD? Come on, how many haunted houses out there need zombie sounds? Plenty! And when you need the sounds of a room being terrorized by the undead, this is the CD to grab.

Mountain Streams and Waterfalls
Year Released: 2007

Recorded in some out of the way places in the mountains of North Georgia and North Carolina, "Mountain Streams and Waterfalls" is exactly as the title says. So, what's the big deal? Well, we all know that the sounds you hear can affect how you feel. Maybe you want to sleep better, feel peaceful and less stressed or you just love the sounds of nature. "Mountain Streams and Waterfalls" sets the right mood. more

thunderstorms 2006 CD-R
Thunderstorms 2006
Year Released: 2007

Because of the success of Suburban Thunder, Michael Oster spent the 2006 rainy season recording more storms. He compiled this CD from the "best of" his storm recordings.

Exceprts from Thunderstorms 2006 were licensed and appear in the television show "Twister Sisters" which documents sibling storm chasers. more

sound effects of circuit bent speak and math
Concept:FX circuitBenT MaTH
Year Released: 2005

Available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY, Concept:FX circuitBenT MaTH features 647 royalty-free digital quirks, hiccups, glitches, tweaks, blabber phrases, and utter nonsense. Well, that's the sound you get when you circuit bend a Texas Instruments Speak and Math. The voice synthesizer in the game basically goes "NUTS"! It's funny, quirky, and unique, and you don't even need to know how to circuit bend since the work's been done for you. more

dissipate CD
Year Released" 2005

It's dark. It's ambient. It's analog? Kinda. "dissipate" continues in the direction of Michael Oster's 2005 era "Difficult Listening Channel" podcasts. It's a surreal soundscape that conjures up moving images, psychedelic sweeping colors, and a touch of sci-fi. more

sound of a dying hurricane CD
Sound of a Dying Hurricane
Year Released: 2005

August 2004, Hurricane Frances parks over Tampa after crossing the state of Florida. She knocks out power and keeps everyone inside waiting for the storm to end. So while everyone else was safely tucked away, Michael was recording the sound of this dying hurricane. You might think that a hurricane can only be terrifying. But, Frances actually had a peaceful side to her as well. more

Suburban Fireworks
Suburban Fireworks
Year Released: 2004

What do you do when you get hundreds of requests for a "fireworks CD"? Well, if those requests come from dog owners who desperately want to make their pets lives better by conditioning them to be less fearful of the sounds of fireworks, you make a CD. OK, first you take a high resolution recording setup out to a place where the sky literally explodes on July 4th. Then, you make a CD.

mike oster CD
Better, Stronger, Faster....
Year Released: 2003

In "better, stronger, faster....", Oster melts conventional synths, circuit bent instruments, damaged tape, blurred ambiences, field recordings, and manipulated electronics. An evolution? A decomposition? Yes, maybe. What? more

night sounds CD crickets, night birds, rain drops
Night Sounds
Year Released: 2001

The sounds of a late winter cold front are the setting for this relaxing CD. Light rain, gentle breezes through palm trees, crickets, toads, and a once lightly populated New Tampa are preserved in this 60 plus minute recording. more

Year Released: 2000

With the fire still hot from Concept:FX2, all the stops were pulled out. Gear was broken. Stuff was melted. Digital audio was clipped. Vintage analog synthesizers were abused. And 1292 new sounds were added to the Concept:FX arsenal.

The Concept:FX Series of CD-ROMs is still being sold and used over 10 years since the introduction of "volume 1". more

FLUID experimental electronic music CD by Michael Oster
Year Released: 2000

It began with a single 14 second sound clip. It became over 54 minutes of music. All from the manipulation, the bending, the molding, the mangling of that single sound. This is Michael's first experimental music release. more

Year Released: 1999

The second in the Concept:FX series features 305 new royalty-free sound effects. Highly rated in Keyboard and Electronic Musician Magazines, Concept:FX2 was such a success that there was only one thing to do: Make a 3rd one. more

Suburban Thunder - is your dog afraid of thunderstorms?
Suburban Thunder
Year Released: 1999

20 bit recording of a single severe thunderstorm. Recorded in Tampa, Florida, Suburban Thunder has been a long-time favorite with thousands of CDs and downloads sold world wide. Many people have used this CD to help train dogs to be calm during thunderstorms.

Excerpts from Suburban Thunder were licensed and appear in the Oscar nominated film "
Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Dead Man's Chest". more

Concept:FX vol. 1
Concept:FX volume 1
Year Released: 1997

Michael's first royalty-free sound effects CD-ROM features 195 original sounds in AIFF and WAV formats. Won a "Preferred Product" award at the Computer Game Developers Conference in 1997. The Concept:FX series of sounds was created specifically to grab your attention and has been used in radio, video, web, live installations, and even more unexpected and innovative ways. more

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