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Michael Oster - Artist Bio:

Michael began his professional career in 1992. In 1993 he started his own recording studio, F7 Sound and Vision. In addition to his numerous recording, editing and mastering credits, Michael created the sample CD-ROMs Concept:FX vol. 1, Concept:FX2, and Concept:FX3 which are in use around the world. His other recording credits include the documentary CDs Suburban Thunder, Night Sounds, Sound of a Dying Hurricane, dissipate, and more.

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ambient electronic music CD by Michael Oster
dissipate - an ambient electronic music CD release by Michael Oster

Michael Oster - "dissipate"
(CD-R 2005)

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It's murky. It's dark. It's ambient. "dissipate" continues in the direction of Michael Oster's more recent "Difficult Listening Channel" podcasts with evolving sonic backdrop that seduces you into a modified state of mind.

Michael Oster
creates a surreal soundscape that conjures up moving images, psychedelic sweeping colors, and a touch of sci-fi on his latest CD "dissipate". It's a world of creativity, synthesizer manipulation, engineering skills, mental cinema, and luck.

Play it softly and its ambience will ease you into another world. Bring up the volume and it shakes your house with its intense low frequencies and oscillator interaction. Sometimes murky, then soothing, peppered with mild static and rumbles, "dissipate" conjures up new variations of sounds with each listen.

mp3 audio clip:
(a brief window into this CD)
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CD-R play time - [55:25]

Production Info:

Recorded and mastered by:
Michael Oster

1 take. No edits, no overdubs. A live 'in the studio' performance.

Playback Suggestions:

Headphone listening is highly recommended. Otherwise use a good stereo system with a subwoofer or decent bass reproduction. There are frequencies on this CD that can not be represented accurately on cheap computer speakers or crappy systems.

Equipment (ab)used included Moog Voyager RME, Line 6 Echo Pro, Boss DD-6, DOD DFX-9, Pro Tools v. 6.9.2 for recording and mastering only.

"Oster is among the ranks of those who know how to make music from madness, song from static."
Kristofer Upjon - reviewing Michael Oster's CD "Fluid"
Entertainment reporter, Pine Bluff Commercial

"dissipate" is Out of Print :-(

The Story Behind My CDs
Personality, character, style, emotion and more go in before a CD ever comes out. There's a method to this madness. more

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