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Michael Oster
In addition to podcasting, F7 Sound and Vision's Michael Oster creates a unique kind of music. Using and abusing yesterday's and today's technonogy, he blends several genres into a completely new lifeform just for your listening pleasure. more

recording music, sound effects, broadcast, CDs.

CD Trauma
CD Trauma!
First, I abused tape. Now, I take sand paper and razor blades to perfectly good CDs all in the name of science and glitch. more
ReGurgiTron electronic music
Circuit Bending
No instrument is safe. No toy left unbroken! Create chaos from glitching electronics. more
FLUID experimental electronic music CD by Michael Oster
It began with a single sound. It became so much more. Now available on Apple's iTunes! more
upgrade your skills free!
Million Dollar Upgrade
Improve your production skills without spending anything on new gear.... more
analog tape head on a turntable
Extreme Tape Manipulation
Play analog tapes on a turntable! All you have to do is replace the needle cartridge with a tape head and then make a "tape record". I'll show you how. more
...Aliens Invade!
...Aliens Invade!
An experiment in human artificial intelligence sends an errant signal into space and aliens are inadvertently contacted. Then it gets weird. more

The Difficult Listening Channel
The sounds in my head become the sounds in yours.

the Difficult Listening Channel podcast

e-mail: mike@regurgitron.com

the Difficult Listening Channel podcast now comes in VIDEO formats! You asked for images with your sounds and now you've got them! Check out the video segments below or play them all at the same time to get some really screwed up sounds. Click on the logo above to return to the Difficult Listening Channel audio only podcast or click here to go to my YouTube channel page.

Sony PCM-D50 Review
Can I have "too many" digital audio field recorders? Can a woman have "too many" pairs of shoes? I didn't think so.... learn more
Sony PCM-D50 digital recorder review
Thunderstorms 2007 CD / mp3
Thunderstorms 2007
The Best Storms from 2007! Over 66 minutes of all new thunder from the '07 rainy season. more
prepared ak47
Return of the Prepared AK 47
The most famous (or infamous) assault rifle in the world gets a makeover! What if I sampled the sounds of an AK47, processed the hell out of them and made a CD? more
podcast "the Difficult Listening Channel"

Experience "the Difficult Listening Channel" podcast where the sounds in my head become the sounds in yours. more


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