Dogs afraid of thunder storms and explosions. Michael Oster's CD Suburban Thunder

My Dog is Afraid of Thunderstorms! HELP!!!

dogs and puppies afraid of thunder storms

Our pets are members of our families. When they're happy, we're happy. When they're stressed, we're stressed. And, when their lives are in peril, we will do just about anything to help them.

Since you've come to this page, more than likely, your dog has problems when it thunders. It could be that he just hides or whines. But, it can be much worse. For years, I've had people call and email me with stories of their pets going crazy, tearing up the house knocking over a table or any other furniture and even injuring themselves. It could be that he just hides under a desk or whines. So, you're far from alone.

Those people contacted me because a
recording that I made called "Suburban Thunder" can help - only I didn't know that at first (when I released the CD in 1999)... but I quickly figured it out. See, Suburban Thunder was not meant to help dogs. But it does (and that's part of the force behind this thunderstorm CD... and why it has sold thousands of copies worldwide).

"My Vet told me to get this CD!"

I'm not surprised when people call me at home in a panic because their dogs had gone crazy when it stormed. Many of those people seemed almost embarassed, like I would think that they were crazy (see my article below, left). But they're not crazy and
thunderstorm anxiety is very real (some people suffer from it too - as I've had a few orders from Psychiatrists).

How Does Suburban Thunder Help?

By exposing your pet to realistic recordings of thunderstorms, you can help to desensitize them to the real thing, that's how. To get the best results, you'll need to get a true-sounding thunderstorm recording (Suburban Thunder was licensed, and used in the feature film "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" - that alone says that it's realistic enough). You'll also need to have a professional animal trainer or your vet set out a program for how loud and how often to play Suburban Thunder for your dog(s). I've created a page that has some great tips for getting the best results from Suburban Thunder and Suburban Fireworks. You can find it here.

Country Living article discusses using a CD of recorded thunderstorm sounds (from this site to help calm dogs.

Don't Wait For the Next Storm!

CD version is $16.00

When done right, desensitization works, but it does take time. If you haven't already, contact your vet (or animal trainer). And, get Suburban Thunder. You can order Suburban Thunder these ways:

credit card secure online purchase: click the "buy it" button below (24 hours / 7 days - - same day shipping on orders before 3pm weekdays).

check or money order: download and print this CD order form. Complete it and mail it to me.

Apple iTunes download: follow this link to Apple's iTunes site where you can purchase and download.

I Guarantee My Products....

If the CD arrives damaged, I'll send you a new one. Here's some tips on how to get the most from Suburban Thunder and Suburban Fireworks.

Dogs afraid of thunderstorms? This was news to me. As a child my family had several dogs and I don't remember any that had fears of thunder or went crazy during a storm (and I'm from Florida where we have our share of thunderstorms).

Since 1999, when I released Suburban Thunder, I've become aware of terms like "thunderstorm anxiety" and had lots of people (some were vets and professional animal trainers) contact me who were looking for
realistic recordings of thunderstorms to help desensitize their dogs. And Suburban Thunder is that - an hour-long, professional quality CD of a severe thunderstorm raging near Tampa, Florida.

I made the recording with the slow moving storm overhead and all around me. At points the lightning strikes were hitting well within 100 feet of my microphones. This perspective is faithfully recreated in Suburban Thunder.

Michael Oster
F7 Sound and Vision

Why All The Noise About Suburban Thunder?

AMAZING SOUND: People have been raving about Suburban Thunder since it was first released in 1999! It sounds so real because it was recorded with the storm overhead - other CDs don't come close.

FEATURE FILM QUALITY: A 4 time Oscar Winning sound engineer licensed Suburban Thunder's thunderclaps to appear in the blockbuster movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest".

INTENSE THUNDER STRIKES: Sound so real... remember, they ARE real... even professional animal trainers have used Suburban Thunder to help condition dogs not to fear thunderstorms.

NOTHING BUT THE STORM: No music, voices or any other distractions - only the sounds of a powerful thunderstorm!
"First I want to tell you how much I use the thunder and firework cd's of yours.  They are absolutely a must have for me. I am dog breeder and I use them to socialize my puppies. I start with them at a low volume, by the time the pups are 8 weeks they are listening to them at 'real' life volumes completely at ease.   
Thank you for such a great product."
Cindy Martishius
President EMDAA

More Suburban Thunder feedback is here.

Free Dog Training Info has an article on dogs and thunderstorm phobia here.
has a great article on thunderstorm anxiety and noise phobias in dogs here.

Washington Post article "Ease Pup's Fear of Thunder" Aug. 31, 2003 references our Suburban Thunder CD!

*** For more information on Suburban Thunder, and to read purchasers' comments, please click here.

Of Interest: - online dog training videos direct to your computer. - Chicago Paws - Jeff Millman - Dog trainer and behavior counselor.

Suburban Thunder is in a feature film!

Sounds from this CD and one of my other CDs "
Sound of a Dying Hurricane" are in "Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest"

Frequently asked questions about Suburban Thunder:

Q: Is there any music on this CD?

A: No music whatsoever. Suburban Thunder is a documentary CD which only has the sounds of a severe thunderstorm. No music, human voices or anything else. Just an hour long Central Florida summer thunderstorm.

Q: What if the CD arrives damaged?

A: F7 Sound and Vision will replace any damaged or factory-defective Suburban Thunder CD with a new one. To arrange for a replacement, all you have to do is contact me via phone or email and send me back the damaged/defective CD. I'll send you a new one.

Q: How long does it take to get my CD?

A: F7 Sound and Vision ships all orders placed by 3pm eastern time the same day. This excludes orders placed on weekends and holidays, which will ship the following business day. I can ship overnight via FedEx for an additional fee. CDs are shipped via US Postal and generally get to their USA and Canada destinations within 4 - 5 business days. Orders to the UK, Europe, and Australia generally arrive in 6 - 12 business days.

Q: How many thunderstorms are on the CD?

A: Only one. That's one of the things that makes Suburban Thunder so special. It was a recording of a single thunderstorm. There's lots of lightning and all kinds of thunder from rolling to very close "explosive" thunder claps. The whole storm lasted over an hour and no thunder (rolling or claps) is ever repeated.

Q: Can I use Suburban Thunder to help train my dog not to be afraid of lightning and thunder?

A: Lots of people have purchased Suburban Thunder for this specific reason. I have heard (and read) that some people suggest using the sounds of a thunderstorm at low volumes to help condition a dog to not fear thunderstorms. If your vet suggests that you try exposing your dog to a recorded thunderstorm, then try Suburban Thunder. It is possibly the best recorded severe thunderstorm available.

F7 Sound and Vision - Quality Guarantee:

Every one of our CDs is hand checked for quality and guaranteed to sound great! If it arrives damaged during shipping, we'll replace it. And, if you're not happy with it, we'll buy it back! Our mp3s are created directly from the MASTER audio file and not ripped from a CD. This means that you're getting superior sound quality - but, if you're not happy with the mp3, we'll replace it with the CD version (you must show proof of purchase of the mp3 version to qualify).

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