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F7 Sound and Vision - Frequently Asked Questions:

Things you might be just a bit curious about....

1) What is F7 Sound and Vision?

- F7 Sound and Vision is my business which I, (
Michael Oster), started in 1993. In the early years, this was primarily audio service oriented, though that began to change in 1997 when I started this website and released my first sound effects CD-ROM.

Today, F7 Sound and Vision is a "product and information" business where I create and sell original CDs, CD-ROMs, and digital downloads, as well as provide audio and video production information in the form of tutorials and product reviews as well as whatever else comes to mind at any given moment.

2) I just ordered one of your CDs. Then I saw that you had a "2 CD order special" that saves $2.00. Can I adjust my order so that I get the discount?

I honor the "order special" whether you placed the order as a "2 - CD" set or if you order a single CD, then another one on the same day. If you paid for 2 single CDs at $12.00 each (in 2 separate orders), I'll include a refund check (payable to the name on the order) for the $2.00 savings with your order. Even if you didn't contact me. But, you can always email me at if you wish.

3) Am I hiring or taking on interns?

- The short answer is "
no" to both. The longer answer is that I have nothing against employees or interns (I had an intern once a long time ago), but the way I have this business set up is strictly as a one person operation. Besides, the pay sucks and the boss is a jerk!

4) Thunderstorm CDs, Glitch CDs, Difficult Listening, Waterfall Sounds, ReGurgiTron, Crickets, Zombies, Microphone Placement, Circuit Bending? You're all over the place....

Though not an actual question, I have gotten plenty of comments about the wide range of CDs and sounds that I've released, and the varied topics that I cover here. It's all for real and it all has come from the same person. And, yes, I know there's medication available for that.

5) Can I take a tour of your studio?

Uhh, I'd hate to waste your time, but I operate out of a single room in my house. Most of my "studio" now exists on laptops and hard drives. Oh, then there are the tangled wires and electronic detritus of half-finished or failed experiments lying around.... But, it's really not that interesting to look at.

6) Describe your typical workday.

OK. I get up about 6:15 in the morning. Check my email, sales, and website stats. Make the coffee. Then get ready for the day. I usually get to the paperwork (like bills and other business stuff) first. That could take a few minutes or up to several hours depending on what needs to be done. Then, I get to do the fun stuff starting with taking out the trash. After that it's create, edit, update the websites, answer emails, whatever.... Lunch. More of "whatever". Then it's package up the day's sales and off to the Post Office. Finally, I return home to more editing, creating, web updates, and "whatever". That's pretty much it.

7) Can you send me some schematics of your circuit bent stuff?

- I would if I could, but I don't take notes or draw up schematics of my bends. I'm just lazy like that. But, I do have pictures posted of some of the guts of my circuit bent "toys" which you can look at starting on my
circuit bending page. I honestly don't keep track of my "bends". And, to be very honest, I haven't bent anything in a couple of years. Though I still do love the sounds of glitching electronics and I've been exploring that by other means like creating software based glitching synths.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please email me at:

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