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Michael Oster - Artist Bio:

Michael began his professional career in 1992. In 1993 he started his own recording studio, F7 Sound and Vision. In addition to his numerous recording, editing and mastering credits, Michael created the sample CD-ROMs Concept:FX vol. 1, Concept:FX2, and Concept:FX3 which are in use around the world. His other recording credits include the documentary CDs Suburban Thunder, Night Sounds, Sound of a Dying Hurricane, dissipate, and more.

The path from "Fluid" leads to "the Difficult Listening Channel" where the sounds in Michael's head become the sounds in yours. more

podcast "the Difficult Listening Channel"
Dr. ReGurgiTron

2011, eleven years after Fluid, Michael Oster brings you "Dr. ReGurgiTron". Complex alien atmospheres surround you as sound Design goes wild! more

more ambient experimental music from Michael Oster
Sounds that were never meant to be put together... were put together. A laptop computer was abused and then controlled chaos followed. Some things fell apart. Others simply broke. And more just slowly decayed. This is the soundtrack to what actually happened. more
Buster's Last Stand
Part 2 of this epic trilogy (Part 1 is "meow")!!! They've finally had enough and now the machines are through with being nice. A crumbling power grid and failing internet can't hold them back. Neither can the nation's best minds. A disaster slowly unfolds. more
Buster's Last Stand
Hungarian Throw-up Machine CD 2012
Hungarian Throw-up Machine
The third and final installment of this amazing trilogy! If you're ever in one of my dreams, never, ever, ever, under any circumstances get in an elevator. No matter how normal it seems. Just don't do it. Because it will get weird real quick. That's where this soundtrack begins. more
electronic music, ambient soundscapes and sound atmospheres - FLUID - independent CD release by Michael Oster.
FLUID - electronic music with a dark ambient texture

Michael Oster - "Fluid"
(CD - 2000)

You won't believe what you're hearing.

Years before he came up with "the Difficult Listening Channel" podcast, he created "Fluid". For this, his first CD-length music release, Michael Oster took a 14 second sound clip and sculpted it into 54 minutes of epic, evolving ambiences and flowing soundscapes.

Fluid begins with simple droplets of water - then effortlessly moves you into a lush new sonic world. Grab your headphones and enjoy the all inclusive trip.

Experimental, risk-taking, cutting edge. If you like the music of Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, John Cage and Boards of Canada, you'll love Fluid!

FLUID - CD time 54:02
Track Listing

1) The Source Material - [mp3]
2) A Sleeping Dog's Monster -
3) Fire on Damp Sand -
4) Inside the Larval Stage - [mp3]
5) Beneath the Compound - [mp3]
6) A Process of Refining - [mp3]
7) Frogs -
8) Rust -
9) Dungbeetle versus Molecricket -
10) The Transparent Code -
11) Flushing the Converters -
12) From Inside the Glass -

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Fluid production details... more

Special thanks to Matt Gallagher of Electronic Musician and Mark Vail formerly of Keyboard who have taken their time to review and publish articles on Fluid.

Also many thanks go out to all of you who have purchased copies of Fluid!

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"Oster is among the ranks of those who know how to make music from madness, song from static."
Kristofer Upjon
Entertainment reporter, Pine Bluff Commercial

"Impressive, but not for the timid."
Mark Vail, KEYBOARD Magazine 2/01

"I thought it [Fluid] was really amazing"
April Bibeau, Tampa, FL

"[Fluid] is unbelievable. I have never heard anything like it. Truly genius."
Greg Curtis, Hamden, CT

"Oster, you bold fu?%er! You're a musical mad scientist!"
M. Garcia, Tampa, FL

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Return of the Prepared AK 47
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Michael Oster releases a Trilogy

Get all 3 CDs "meow", "Buster's Last Stand" and "Hungarian Throw-up Machine" for $25.00 - save $5.00! more
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Charlie Don't Surf - EP (2014)

If it were any longer, you'd go insane! You like cut-up, glitch, noise, broken beats and chip sounds? Of course you do. You think they play well together? Sometimes, maybe. Whatever, at least you can dance to this....OK, not even close. But after a few thousand listens, it will sort of make sense. more