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Michael Oster
Edison made the light bulb. Michael made the Mushroom Accelerator. Any questions? more

Links to Useful Web Sites

iguana invasion of Gasparilla Island

Iguana Invasion!
Thousands of giant reptiles call Gasparilla Island home. But are they welcome there? more

Friends of F7 Sound and Vision
Les Sabler - Bay Area Smooth Jazz artist. He's an exceptional guitarist, a very nice person, and his web site is well worth your visit! His CD "Bridge the Gap" was nominated for Best Album in the 2005 Canadian Smooth Jazz awards.
- Kyle Ashley can take your musical ideas and bring them to reality with his demo production services. Need a demo done? Here's where to go!
Sound Ideas - If you need sound effects (and you know you do) Sound Ideas has what you're lookin' for.
- What? I've got a link to another sound effects company? Yes! BTW, I've even recorded some SFX for
- them. Check out the credits on their "Thunder" , "Just Noise" and "Just Animals II" series CDs.
Unity A Capella Gospel Ensemble - Original gospel music created by beautiful people. Get a copy of their CD "Heed The Master's Call"! Their CD, "Change" is also available!
Rob Whitehurst - Tampa-based sound man.
rec|use - Travis Morgan - Noise / Industrial Soundscape artist. Also NCC Records CEO / mastermind.
404 Noise - Travis Morgan has relocated to Atlanta and helped to set up a nice noise collective!
Terry Pallister's Skyflashes Site - Great lightning photography and weather links.
Hugh Boyle, Jr. - Tampa-based audio / Betacam freelancer.
Elastik Reality - Experimental artform website. Cool music and art. Contact them about joining.
Allon Sams - Smooth Jazz. Allon's home on the web. Concert info, pictures, and details on his music. Get a copy of his latest CD "Music and Laughter".
Jay Kiernan - Pro Voice-over artist, Narrator... check out his site and tell him "Mike Oster" sent ya!
ReGurgiTron - Electro spaztik, noisy, glitch, avant techno artist. Anything goes with this (my side project) music.
Dale Maxfield - Kansas City based recording artist, one of the best songwriters out! His CDs, "Midnight Steet", "5'6 in a 6' World" and the soon to be released "Stratosphere" are amazing!
Keith Roberts - His latest CD is absolutely AWESOME! Florida based Christian recording artist with EXTREME talent and a very bright future!
mikroknytes - Experimental duo from the DC area with plenty of talent and creativity. Their new CD "live_src" is out now! Fellow 'sound manglers' will really enjoy their music and web site.
David Kushner - writer of "Masters of Doom...." - Masters of Doom is the amazing true story of the Lennon and McCartney of video games: John Carmack and John Romero. Together, they ruled big business....
Tom Parish - covers several bases as a podcaster, internet marketing consultant (specializing in search engine optimization), audio production and blogging. Tom has a podcasting site as well called "Talking Portraits" where he interviews people on a wide range of subjects including IT, web marketing, WiFi, podcasting, Aikido and plenty more.
Gene Cannon - Bay Area sax player with a new CD "Soul Dances" out now. - Downloadable sound effects, music tracks, and production elements as well as complete CDs from Sound Ideas.

Electronic Music / IDM / Circuitbending / Noise (and now for something slightly different) - The "Granddaddy of all Circuitbenders" Reed Ghazala. Find out when and where it began, plus detailed instructions on how to become a 'bender'. This site has TONS of useful information!
Secret Agent Gel - A must visit if you're into IDM / experimental electronic! mp3s, video, pictures of shows and great links!
The Kids Are Bored - However, this site is anything but boring! Tons of great electronic artists are located here. It's Glitch, IDM, Noise, ExperiMental, Dub, Laptop, Gameboy, and Circuitbent all in one place. Awesome resource and a required bookmark!
Cementimental - Tim Drage has got a great site here. He's an electronic artist from the UK and also a film maker. His links section is a "who's who" of circuitbending (he even has a link to me - thanks) with lots of useful information, links to schematics, images, and music.
Mystery Circuits - Mike Walters' circuitbending site which he describes as "Wild Electronic Sound Gizmos". It certainly lives up to that. Visit early and visit often.
ReGurgiTron - What happens when you abuse technology, break electronics, and record the results? A circuit bent, broken noise extreme thrill ride.
Blue Distortion - experimental music, samples, art, forums, writings.
Redistort - Experimental artist site.
Wikipedia circuit bending page - plenty of information on bending with links to benders sites and more. - Jeff Boynton's circuitbending and music site with audio, pictures of his bent gizmos and links to other sites.
ReGurgiTron links page - links to more noise, circuit bending, field recording and experimental sound sites and artists.
Frank Difficult - Experimental Audio and Visual Artist - Before there was "the Difficult Listening Channel" Podcast (by Michael Oster), Frank and George Difficult had "The Difficult Listening Show" on KUNV 91.5 Las Vegas, NV from 1983-1989.

Podcast Shows and Related
Yeast Radio - Madge Weinstein's a 58 year old Jewish Lesbian with a lot on "her" mind. Her podcast is worth a listen if you have thick skin.
Nate and Di Show - podcasting from a storage shed in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, Nate and Di will make you think and laugh. - Organized lists of podcasts, how-to's, plus a great forum. - podcast directory.
PodcastingNews - news and related podcasting information. - Adam Curry's site which is all about podcasting.
Tom Parish - see info in the "Friends of F7 Sound and Vision" category above.
Samples in Motion - experimental sound podcast by Serge Audenaert.
Literature to Music - Podcast and blog site includes tutorials on literature to midi, other forms of computerized Music such as fractal music, picture 2 midi, Numbers ect.. plus reviews of experimental software and composer.

Really Interesting Web Sites - Do you want to know what some of the smartest and most creative minds are thinking? Visit this site and see videos on the future of technology, business, creativity, medicine and a whole lot more.
Richard's Fault - The true story of a man and his struggle with the neighborhood garage band. Filled with mp3 audio examples and a very entertaining story line. Richard says it's true. His neighbors say it's Richard's fault. Who's right? You decide.
ManBabies - Interesting. Yes. Strange. Oh, yes and somewhat freaky. Takes pictures of Dads with their kids and Photoshops the heads so baby's head is on Dad's body and vice versa.
Hot Chicks With Douchebags - Any website that makes me laugh so hard that I snot jet my laptop deserves a long look, I say. But, the pictures themselves don't do complete justice. You must read the captions and explanations (oh, and the comments too) to truly get the full effect.

Music Manufacturers and Software, Dealers, Stock Media, and Related
Sabine - Makers of the FBX Feedback Control Products, new guitar pedals, and lots more!
Sweetwater Sound - "The Ultimate Music Retailer"
Digidesign - Makers of ProTools digital audio workstations.
Apogee Digital - Makers of the awesome sounding AD-8000, Rosetta, and PSX-100 converters.
Waves - Cool DSP plug-ins for Pro Tools, Sound Designer II, Premiere...
RealAudio - Get the free RealPlayer, Hear some sounds on the net.
Crank City Music - producers of royalty-free music.
Rhino DVD - VHS to DVD conversion includes Dolby digital audio, chapter points and a movie title all this at a cost of $10.00 per hour.
Mediatechnics - CD/DVD Equipment, Services and Supplies.
Magellan Hardware - UK, based distributors of CD and DVD copier, duplicator and printer equipment. Also offering CD / DVD duplication and printing.
CDDVDKing - CD and DVD duplication, printing, packaging equipment from leading manufacturers.
Musician-Center - Extensive product reviews, online manuals and other resources for thousands of instruments.
Advice for Churches on CD DVD Duplication
DVD Replication - Here you will find all that you may need for your dvd replication requirements.
Summation Technology - Offers CD/DVD Duplicators, Disc Printers and Duplication Supplies. - CD manufacturing and duplicating equipment, recorable media supplies and services. - Looking for reviews on Fender Stratocaster, bass guitar and recording equipment? Visit for reader-submitted reviews on the latest equipment and check the musician's forum! - Provider of Shredders, quality calculators, fax machines, printers, typewriters, projectors, paper cutters, calculators, check signers, and paper folders.
Photo Finishing Canada - Providing digital Photo Printing, digital cameras, digital camcorders and quality photo finishing. Get best value on Digital Cameras, MP3 and Memory cards.
Portable MP3 Players Store - Discover the easy way to listen to your music wherever you go.
Calright Instruments - Used test equipment, used electronic test equipment, refurbished test equipment and other pre-owned electronic test and measurement equipment to buy or rent.
Dove Industries - CD DVD, audio video duplication services site.
CD DVD Duplication Service - Disc Logic is a provider of quality, CD Duplication, CD
Replication, DVD Duplication, and DVD Replication services . Fast and affordable with easy on-line pricing. - Professional 5.1 Surround Sound Effects and Libraries for Motion Picture Sound, Sounddesign, Multimedia and Postproduction Studios. Download Free 5.1 Sound Effects.
The Color of Life - Mark Pulley has released some nature sound CDs and artwork.
Tools ABC - Everything Tools, from A C Tools and music related, to Wrenches. - Free downloadable sound effects and samples.
VE Associates, Inc. - 20-year-old full-service media development company specializing in CD and DVD duplication.
Musicrow Audio Software Boutique- VST Instruments, effects, ensembles for NI Reaktor
Pro Tools Certification - We are an authorized training provider from Digidesign and we offer their entire curriculum to prepare students for the different pro tools certification exams.
CD Duplication Professional CD & DVD projects - delivered on time and in budget.
Beyond Concepts Inc. - Specializes in short run CD & DVD Duplication.
CDROM2GO - CD Duplication Experts. CD/DVD duplication service in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to duplication services CDROM2GO stocks the equipment (blank media and tower duplicators) for people to do it themselves.

Music/Audio Magazines, Forums, Radio, Film, and Related Sites
MIX Magazine - Pro Audio, Studio Recording and Live Sound.
KEYBOARD Magazine - You guessed it.
Desktop Video Producer - Essential Online Magazine.
Electronic Musician - Music and recording magazine.
Amazing Sounds - The Avant-Garde, New Age Music Magazine.
Harmony Central - Online music industry magazine. Current news and links.
Digital Pro Sound - Music magazine on the web. News, tutorials and links!
Sounduser - Online guide to sample CDs, reviews, news, links to related sites. - Useful music info, Kurzweil related, music links, downloads, reviews. - web site / database geared to the independent recording artist.
Electronic Music Foundation - site focused on experimental music forms. A "must visit"! - Music info site EQ, Gig, Keyboard, Electronic Musician contributors...
Sonar Map - KSER 90.7 FM, Seattle. Wednesdays 10 to midnight weekly. Hosted by Christopher DeLaurenti, - Sonar Map is dedicated to exploring the far-flung frontiers of 20th (21st?) Century music.
TAXI - Get your music to the right people with TAXI: the Independent A&R
Vehicle that connects unsigned artists, bands and songwriters with major record labels, publishers, and film & TV music supervisors. - Music related site with forums, studio lists, engineer and artist links.
TapeOp - Magazine devoted to recording for the rest of us. Semi-underground, project studio, up and coming, already there serious engineering types of stuff. A MUST for all musicians/artists/engineers! Free subscriptions!!! How can you beat that? Thanks TapeOp!
MacNET - Online mag often updated with news and reviews of Mac computer related products.
RealitySnap - Website dedicated to the promotion of the Tampa Bay area music scene.
Indieville - "Steering Clear of the Mainstream since 2001". Music reviews, database, oddities, and lots more. A must visit!
Just Music - Website with everything musical.
Christian Music X - Music of independent christian music artist. Artist can list their bands free. Fans can browse for new music free.
Flamenco Music - Listen to Contemporary Instrumental Music, Flamenco Music, Smooth Jazz, New Age, Ambient & World, Relaxation, Yoga Music.
Benton Music - Free download music sites, mp3, greeting cards, cd, and videos of Pop, Country, and Christian songs by Nashville songwriter David Benton.
African drums, drumming and dancing holidays in Africa - African drums, djembe, drumming and dancing holidays in Gambia, West Africa. Formed several years ago, it is run by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic musicians from the UK, Gambia, Guinea and other West African countries. Its roots stem from a love of traditional African percussion and dance, particularly from the Mandingue (or Malinke) culture.
Microphones and Recording - Microphone reviews and recording tips from two professional sound engineers.
Cathedral Stone Music Publishing - Home of original music by new artist Mike Braithwaite. Cathedral Stone is located in Las Vegas NV, and specializes in providing unique high quality songs to the music industry.
MusicU - Get songwriting tips, music production info, management insight and increase your music business knowledge at MusicU.
Warbeats - Free video tutorials on music production techniques and theory.
Hollywood North - helps actors, models, casting directors and talent agents communicate more efficiently with each other. Actors and models have the ability to create personal portfolios which include photographs for the talent industry to access.
Ocular Studio - informative site for sound engineers. Features include well balanced mixes, surround sound, building a home studio and lots more.
Film jobs -Film TV Production resource: film television production jobs, casting calls.
UberProAudio - Research on your famous musician's guitar, bass, and drum rigs along with gear articles and more.
Voice Acting Blog - A daily dose of voice acting news, articles, tutorials, interviews, intelligentconversation and business ideas. Perfect for voice talent, voice over coaches, talent agents, casting directors and industry professionals. 

Silanta - Get great deals on registering your domain names.
Optimize SE - Search Engine Optimization - Optimize, Promote, Submit Website for better search engine placement. We are offering professional website promotion and search engine optimization service.
BusinessDirectories - BusinessDirectories & Search Engine. Special Offer for Webmasters!

Recording Schools
Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts - Audio, Film, Video and Digital Media School. I'm a grad.

Reporters Network Media Directory - lists people in the news industry.
Josh's Sanctum - Big internet database.
Island Data, Inc.
Dogpile - Mega search engine.
Lycos - search engine.
Yahoo - search engine.
Excite - search engine.
World Wide Pro Audio Diirectory.
Altavista - search engine
Google - search engine

Media Professionals of Florida - Tampa Bay Area based professional networking organization. Members range from television, multimedia, video, music-related, cable, equipment dealers and more. The web site includes, member lists, news, meeting info.

podcast "the Difficult Listening Channel"

Experience "the Difficult Listening Channel" podcast where the sounds in my head become the sounds in yours. more

Keys to Web Site Success
Get your web site noticed! I give you some essential ideas that you can use to bring more traffic to your site. more

Microphone Tip!
Before you trash your old microphone and buy a new one, try something simple and unleash the multiple personalities of the mic you already have... more

It's not the gear.
It's how you use it. Skill counts big in recording... more

Diary of a Recorded Sound
What happens to make, record and playback sound? more

The Story Behind My CDs
Personality, character, style, emotion and more go in before a CD ever comes out. There's a method to this madness. more

Zombies in the Basement! Scary sounds for Halloween on CD
THE SOUNDS NIGHTMARES ARE MADE OF.... Who needs cheezy ghosts in the attic when you can have "Zombies in the Basement!". This CD scares up a dark, haunting sonic backdrop that is perfect for haunted houses and other horror themed events. more
cassette tape destruction

Tape Destruction
Destroy cassette tapes and get some awesome, mutated new sounds. It's fun, easy and I show you how to do it effectively. more

ReGurgiTron electronic music

Circuit Bending
No instrument is safe. No toy left unbroken! Go to the main circuitbending page more

Suburban Thunder - is your dog afraid of thunderstorms?

Suburban Thunder
Thunderstorm Warning! The only way to hear a more realistic thunderstorm is for you to stand outside with the storm right over your head! more

upgrade your skills free!

Million Dollar Upgrade - FREE!!
Improve your production skills without spending anything on new gear.... more

sound effects Concept:FX CD-ROMs aiff and WAV sounds
Be an Audio Engineer
Want to be an Audio Engineer?
Fame, Fortune, Women.... Yeh, right! :-) more
iPod Touch review
iPod Touch
I confess. I touched it. I watched video with it. I surfed with it. I purchased it. I reviewed it. more
Thunderstorms 2007 CD / mp3
Thunderstorms 2007
The Best Storms from 2007! Over 66 minutes of all new thunder from the '07 rainy season. more

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