Michael Oster - Huge In Japan (2013)
Michael Oster - Huge In Japan (2013)

Production Info:

Sound Design, Laptop Abuse, Noise, Programming,
Recording, Mastering
by: Michael Oster

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Huge In Japan - Michael Oster (2013)

Michael Oster once again turns his laptop into a brutal noise making machine. This time he's using his most advanced Reaktor creation so far to generate sounds of depth and true complexity.

These are the kind of sounds that would make anyone huge in Japan for at least a week. It's powerful, relentless noise and distortion that's not for the weak-hearted.

You can feel its intricate textures weave through your soul as you experience what it might be like to be 'Huge In Japan'. Or you might just get a little motion sick. But, whatever, it's all good fun!