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iPod Touch review

Michael Oster
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Not My Father's iPod.
Like my father would even care what an iPod was (he hates computers and new technology).

*** UPDATE *** 1 month with absolutely no problems, no screen issues, working great!

!'ve only had mine for a week (as of the original creation of this page). But, I've been surfing the net, watching videos, and showing images like crazy. I still haven't looked at a manual for this thing (see the "24 hours with the iPod Touch" video below). It's fun and easy. OK, it's also kind of expensive.

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Apple iPod Touch next to an audio cassette
Apple iPod Touch

16GB - $399.00

Review: 12/10/2007
Above: 2 cool pieces of technology hanging together - the 80's icon audio cassette and Apple's iPod Touch.
Apple has done it again. That is, they made a gadget that I just HAD to have. But wait, I already have an iPod. Yes, a 20 gig from 2004. And it still works and I still use it.

So, why did I spend almost $400 on a new iPod Touch? The answer: WiFi. Plain and simple... Take an iPod media player, give it a great looking screen, and Safari browser with WiFi (the YouTube and all that are there too, but not a deal maker for me)... make it stupid-easy to use and have it fit in a pocket. How "stupid-easy" is it? Well, I was synched to my Mac Powerbook G4 in just a couple of minutes. 1 USB cable from the iPod to my computer. Then iTunes loads, asks me a couple of questions... I choose to "manually" synchronize my iPod, and then I forget what happens next. Done.

Then, after quickly typing in my network password on the touch "keypad", I'm surfing the web. Less than 5 minutes from unbox to online without ever cracking a manual. Stupid easy. And it works. It's cool and fun. Typical "Apple" experience (at least for me). Oh, and that "touch keypad" seemed like it might take a bit of getting used to, but I quickly adapted to it.

I've read a ton of reviews on the iPod Touch, ranging from "this is the best piece of gear that's ever existed" to "sucks, I took it back for a refund (or exchanged for an iPod Classic)". My experience has been much closer to the first. It's a great piece of gear and I don't mind being "limited" to 16 GB (if that can really be called a limitation). I've heard of screen problems and frequent crashes - but never (so far) on my iPod Touch (week 48, BTW). The screen looks great and it's run just about perfectly since I got it.

What I'd like to see (because I know Steve Jobs is a frequent visitor to my site - right):
1) More media compatibility - flash playback directly from Safari
2) More apps like Mail (yes, the iPod Touch can be "jailbroken" - but I won't go into that here)
3) Drag and drop media where the Touch shows up on my desktop like an external hard drive

These things and so much more are possible with software/firmware updates - and could be coming - right Apple? Because, I really don't want an iPhone....

More info to come.

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