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Suburban Thunder
Thunderstorm Warning! The only way to hear a more realistic thunderstorm is for you to stand outside with the storm right over your head! more
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I finally shot some lightning images. 9-4-2001

While Tampa's 2001 rainy season was winding down, I tried my hand at videotaping lighting. I had my usual audio gear recording out front, while I shot video in the back.

I used a Canon ZR-20 camcorder. One thing I noticed is that the images would have come out much better using a digital still camera or 35mm film. But I did get some nice stuff. None of these images are 'doctored'. What you see is what I got.

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All images are copyright © 2001 Michael I. Oster, all rights reserved.

lightning bolts generate high voltage
lightning lightning strike lightning
lightning shot 1 lightning shot 2 lightning shot 3
lightning shot 4 lightning strike 5 lightning strike 6
lightning strike 7

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