Above: The remnants of Tropical Storm Fay provided the rain that you hear on my recording "Mountain Rain". She dropped so much rain in such a short time that the ground became unstable resulting in this large tree falling on our cabin.

We weren't hurt, and the cabin itself stopped the tree from landing on and crushing our car (see video below). But the cabin's roof was badly damaged and we were forced to quickly leave.
Soothing sound of mountain rain on CD and mp3 to help you sleep and relax.
Mountain Rain - relaxing sounds on CD and mp3

Mountain Rain - A natural way to help you sleep.

Do you love sleeping to the sound of a gentle falling rain? This IS that sound.

I've had so many requests for a "rain" CD. No music. No vocals, No thunder. No wind. Just rain. Only rain. Nothing but rain. Soothing, relaxing, refreshing, "help you to unwind", "help you to sleep", rain. Rain gently falling in a place far away from everyday stress, cares, and tension.

After countless hours of recording over several years and in many different locations, I finally captured the rain ambience that I am truly happy with. And once you hear it, you'll agree that it was worth the wait....

mp3 audio sample:
mp3 sound sample

The CD and download version sound much
better than this internet preview.

program time - [1 track - 64:12]

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A: F7 Sound and Vision is my business. I'm Michael Oster, the person behind the business. I started F7 Sound and Vision in 1993 providing audio and video production services, and created my first product (a sound effects CD-ROM called Concept:FX in 1997).

I've been selling my CDs and CD-ROMs from my website (F7sound.com - you're here), since 1997. I've been operating F7 Sound and Vision from the same location for the past 14 years - 17732 Nathan's Drive, Tampa, Florida 33647 - 813-991-4117.

Mountain Rain is on Apple iTunes!

"I bought Mountain Rain awhile back and just wanted to say thanks for a good job!. You can't believe how much better I sleep"

Tracy S.

Production Info:

Field recording and mastering by: Michael Oster

Download version now available from my BandCamp page for $8.00
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Michael began his professional career in 1992 and started F7 Sound and Vision in 1993. His sound recordings have appeared worldwide in feature-film, radio, television, and on the web.

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Use "Mountain Rain" to create a peaceful ambience wherever you are. It's made to be played softly, in the background.

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