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Bleak - Words From The Graveyard


Interview with Bleak

So, tell us a little about Bleak/yourself.
Bleak is a one man, black/dark metal project that I've worked on for the past 5-6 years.
Mp3s can be heard, thanks to metalhordes.com, at:

What are the benefits of doing a solo project?
I can express myself exactly as I wish, and I don't have to work with other people..

graveyard image

Bleak seems to be the music of a tortured soul in an abandoned graveyard. How the hell are you inspired?
I don't think there's any one thing that inspires me. Sometimes I just kinda fuck about on the guitar or keyboard, and I play something that sounds very significant to me, so I start recording.

What do you hope for Bleak in the years to come?
I'd like to continue recording music that I'm happy with.

Where do you seem extreme metal heading in the next 5 years?
I really don't know. I don't keep up with "the scene" much, and outside of depressive black metal, I'm not particularly interested. I wouldn't be very surprised if "nu-metal" started borrowing many of the marketable, accessible traits of extreme metal, though, as I'm sure there's much money to be made off the affected teen demographic.

Bleak, I've spoken to you on MH and I've come to realize you're a smart dude. What do you feel is the role of religion in America today?
Religion serves as a tool for people to mask the fears of death anguish, and to find meaning in life. Unfortunately, those who are religious tend to do what they can to spread their religion, and they often derive their "morals" from fictitious religious texts. America's founders understood the importance of religious freedom, and were careful to include in the first amendment, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."; this is where the commonly recited "separation of church and state" was derived from, by logical necessity. So long as our judges follow the written law, most atheist Americans won't need to worry too much about religion affecting their everyday lives, and their everyday freedoms. In general, however, i think that religion threatens the entire human population for two main reasons:

- 1. Faith based religion requires faith in superstitious claims. those who can convince themselves to believe a claim based on poor reason are dangerous, as they are likely to make poor decisions in everyday life, which, in large numbers, can have grave consequences on society. Furthermore, religious parents indoctrinate their young, allowing the problem to continually fester.

- 2. Faith based religions tend to be apocalyptic in nature, meaning that believers actually think that life on earth is simply a way to gain access to eternal life, and doesn't matter in the long run, so long as they satisfy the conditions of their creator. This often leads to believers being ready and willing to die for their religion, regardless of the worldly damages that they may cause in the name of their religion.

Where do you see America/politics/the world headed?
I have no idea. I hope that nothing too extreme happens.

Thanks so much for doing this interview. Any closing remarks?
Thanks much. I appreciate your interest and support.

Those interested in bleak may also be interested in my friend's new project, A Sombre Boreal http://asombreboreal.metalhordes.com, as well as Lifeless Productions http://www.lifeless.us, which my friend and I run jointly.

I'd like to thank orgalmer, nathan of nigrescent and, of course, emile and ian of metalhordes.com

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