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Ceremonial Castings - Interview with Lord Serpent

So, introduce your bad self.
Well my name is Jake aka Lord Serpent & I am the Vocalist & Guitarist as well as founder of Ceremonial Castings.

I've heard you compared to everything from "Hatebreeder" to Morbid Angel to Behemoth. Who would you compare yourselves to? Who would you like to be compared to?
I do hear a lot of people comparing us to other acts, which is fine I guess. Everyone will compare bands to other bands. I don't really like to compare our music to others, of course we have our influences, but I think at the same time we have a unique sound.

What have we come to expect from CC?
I can tell you that we are not slowing down, this last album did take some time to get out, but we are already working on our next release. I believe this next release to be the most brutal to date & will be available 06/06/06. We also have a lot of ideas, as well as a few songs for our 2007 album.

What inspires you, musically?
Music is really everything to me; it is what I love to do. I find myself creating just to create sometimes. Inspiration comes from everywhere, of course I am inspired by a lot of music from Black/Death/Thrash Metal to Depressing music, movie soundtracks, medieval, epic & horror movies, I guess the typical things that I encounter on a daily basis.

What is your goal, musically?
All the goals that I have for the band are really self set goals. When I am writing I write the things that I would want to hear. If others enjoy, can relate & find inspiration through our music then that is great, but that is not a goal. I don't think I would ever do something just to do it, I will always do this because I enjoy too!

Nick's a beast on keys and Jake aka Lord Serpent, you have some of THE coolest vox. What inspired you to start playing?
This is just something we enjoy doing, I think we always will.

If you could get one metal legend to endorse CC, who would it be and why?
Oh man, I really don't know. I'll just say I would want someone that understands what we are doing & wouldn't try to change us in any way shape or form.

Now, onto the fun stuff. Live shows! What is your live set like?
Hrm... Well I am sure our live set is a different experience for everyone who witnesses it. For me it seems like a war on stage, lots of medieval weaponry, very intense & powerful presence. We all put 100% into our live act. It is pure energy throughout the whole set. I couldn't see it any other way. There are too many boring live acts in the world, and there are many live acts that are overdone. I believe we fit in the middle.

Who plays what?
OldNick does Keys & Backing Vocals, Bloodhammer does the live drums & will be doing the drums on the new album & so forth. And I myself take care of the lead vocals & guitars.

How do you do the layered sounding vocals live?
OldNick takes care of the backing vocals, I believe we will be trying some new & interesting things with the vocals in the future.

Which CC song is your favorite and why?
This is hard to say, But I am going to have to stick with Midnight Deathcult Phenomena. I think this song has a great atmosphere & lets the listener really see the story. Unfortunate the only recorded version of this isn't as great sounding as I personally would like it to be. There have been conversations of one day re-recording a new version, which I am afraid to do. I am afraid that we won't be able to capture what we did in the first version. I believe that when we do re-record the song we will also have an instrumental orchestral version of the song as well entitled "Deathcult Supremacy" but these are things that probably won't be released until 2008. We have all the material for the 2006 release, & most of the material for our 2007 release.

What would be your ideal line up for a show?
Well I am not sure if this is a lineup I would like to play with or just witness but I would really like to be able to open for Emperor or Behemoth, I think people that would attend this show would really appreciate what Ceremonial Castings does. But then again, I would really just like to be able to play live more often & I think in 2006 we will conquer that.

Any closing remarks?
Finally our new homepage is up & running. www.CeremonialCastings.net all the info you should need should be there.
Also thanks to you for the interview!

Hails! \m/

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