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Grafvolluth Interview
by Seeth

Seeth - What year and why did GRAFVOLLUTH first start?

Gomorrahgon (Grafvolluth) - We actually planned on doing this for many years, and
later after all the bullshit we started recording those 2 demos(Natural Selection Extermination, Black Metal Against Time). To sum things up, it was all about Hate for each other and everyone around us.

Seeth - What are your main influences on your vocals?

Gomorrahgon - I try to get the most furious sound possible. Filth and disgust is its prime.

Seeth - What are the main influences on the music of GRAFVOLLUTH as a whole?

Gomorrahgon - [Grafvolluth] is based on the ending of time, existence, forgotten pride, hatred for all that is today. It will soon come.

Seeth - Now with Hackers disappearance, how will GRAFVOLLUTH work out, will you stay together as a band? Because I've been hearing rumors of a break up and of Maelstrom of Angelcide joining the band, is he replacing Hacker or just filling in until Hacker comes back or is this all just bullshit rumors?

Gomorrahgon - We got our new lineup set in stone as for today, who knows what will be tomorrow since the future is non-existent to me. So the line up consists on Gomorrahgon, Saaj, and Maelstrom.

Seeth - What is the current line up as of right now just to make this totally clear and to rid the world of these rumors?

Gomorrahgon-Gomorrahgon, Saaj, and Maelstrom.

Seeth - What is the current label that GRAFVOLLUTH calls home?

Gomorrahgon - Disastrious will always be our home.

Seeth - I am aware that you guys have two unreleased demos under the name "Black Metal Against Time" and a full length under the same is there any reasoning for this? Do you plan on releasing the one song demo "Black Metal Against Time" as well as the other six song demo "Black Metal Against Time" anytime soon?

Gomorrahgon - The full length, B.M.A.T. has been out already for some time now on Disastrious Productions. Before the full length one of the Demo's was called B.M.A.T. and since we decided not to release them we decided to name the full length that. Natural Selection Extermination was the 2 song demo you are thinking of. If we ever do release them it will probably be on a discography or what not. We are not planning on this anytime soon.

Seeth - Will we be hearing any new releases from GRAFVOLLUTH and if so will you stick to the same Black end Doom National Socialist Black Metal style you have now or will you guys go back to the raw, fast NSBM roots in which you came from?

Gomorrahgon - Yes! We have a recent demo Hacker and I created right before his departure and most likely would be re-mastered. This was made to honor our roots from the beginning. We are working on another full length, half of it has been completed some were songs that couldn't make the final pressing. More hate filled Black/Doom. Can't really say what direction it will go. Grafvolluth is an evolving process. Only time will tell.

Seeth - One last question.. Will we ever get to see GRAFVOLLUTH live?

Gomorrahgon - Future is non-existent, who knows if we will ever take this course.

Seeth - OK Gamorrahgon we thank you very much for yourtime, many HAILS on to you and GRAFVOLLUTH, we wish you luck my friend... would you like to add anything else?

Gomorrahgon - Thanks for this interview, and good luck with this zine. This goes out to The Order Of The Schwarze Sonne. We will fulfill our mission. Spread the true reality the human race will witness.

Hails from The PitGoddess.

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