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Vorrath of Lugburz


PitGoddess - Good day Vorrath. I hope I find you well. So, what's the deal with this Lugburz thing?

Vorrath - Lugburz is the musical expressions from the subjective universe, a portal to another world if you will, the lyrics and concepts should stimulate your imagination as well as offer an escape into a dark fantasy. The Realm of Frozen Darkness,it exists in the subjective universe but resounds in the objective universe and the lyrics,visuals,and music acts as a portal to this world.

PitGoddess - I know you do Lugburz by yourself, what is your favorite part of working solo?

Vorrath - I have complete control over all aspects of the music,concepts,etc. besides that, the failure or success rests on my own efforts, I depend on no one so anything good or bad or indifferent the results are my sole responsibility. I also like the fact that there are no problems with differring musical directions (I don't have to deal with anyone wanting to be a Slipknot or Emperor clone).

PitGoddess - You look up to some pretty amazing bands (Sodom, Celtic Frost, Venom, Slayer). Think you can live up to all that? :)

Vorrath - Well these named groups are the ones who have shaped the music of Lugburz most. I don't think I should live up to their respective reputations, but try to mix my influences and come up with the "Lugburz sound" I try not to compare my music to other bands as far as being "good enough" but I do want to emulate their intensity, integrity and consistently quality music. I'm not afraid to show my influences, and hope my material is not a cut-rate copy, there are far too many bands who seem to just recycle their favorite riffs from the current crop of bands rather than looking to their own inspiration. I know I'm condidered "retro" by many in the music scene, but one local reviewer said it like this: "Lugburz and main man Vorrath are a retro styled black metal band,but he apparently doesn't ape his influences or recycle music from the past just to "be cool" HE IS FROM THE ERA HE SOUNDS LIKE! whereas most of the backwards looking bands are like Napoleon Dynamite's uncle Rico with their crappy internet fantasy vibrator trying to go back,Vorrath hijacked Marty McFly's Flux Capacitor and high-tailed it to 1985! Lugburz actually sounds like a German thrash album from '85! The Sodom/Celtic Frost/Destruction vibe is kept intact with a creepy new element in Vorrath's whispery rasp/shrieking very interesting indeed!"

PitGoddess - Dude. You were in the 80's thrash scene. Don't you have like, a million cool stories to tell?

Vorrath - Let's see, I've been fortunate enough to witness the whole metal scene of the 80's! I've seen some of the more commercial bands during their peak of their powers and credibility, for example, the infamous Ozzy/Motley Crue tour I saw back in '84…this would be Bark at the Moon and Shout at the Devil! Back when arena shows were an event! I saw Metallica on the Puppets tour with Armoured Saint opening with Cliff on bass! Cool stories....hmmm well when I went to old hardcore shows we used to judge how good the show was by how injured we got in the pit! My personal best? The Dead Kennedys in '85. I stage dove 8 feet from the PA system into the orchestra pit. about 15 feet total, when I took off, it was like Moses parted the Red Seas! Everybody scattered, except for one dude who looked like "Hey where'd everybody go?!" I hit him like a sack of potatoes and the stage edge! I hairline fractured 6 ribs on my right side. Jello Biafra even stopped the show to see if I was o.k. I nodded and sat down…had to wear a corset like brace for the rest of the summer...but what a rush! I remember buying albums (on vinyl for you younglings out there!) there is a local record chain called Homer's here and they had a store walking distance from my house. The manager became a friend and he would call me when he would get new metal in. Well in March of '84 he called and said he had the perfect album for me and wouldn't tell me who it was but it was really new, and incredibly heavy. At the time the most extreme stuff I owned was early Iron Maiden (Di'anno era) and Motorhead. I pedaled my bike there and was served up with Slayer, "Show No Mercy". I headed home and put it on. I loved it at first listen! Most of my friends couldn't handle it-was too fast, too heavy and too satanic! They were still in their Priest Maiden stuff. At that time I had discovered imported metal fanzines like Kerrang!, Metal Forces, and at the time it was the bible of metal, Bob Muldowney's KickAss monthly, which I discovered the likes of Hellhammer, Nasty Savage, and he had pages of adds from new labels like Megaforce, Combat,and my personal favorite, Metal Blade. I used the ads like a shopping list and was served up with some great stuff from those days.

PitGoddess -  How has the scene changed from the 80's to now? Is it better or worse? And where's it headed?

Vorrath - Well the scene back in the 80's was more insular as you didn't have the net and only corresponded by either phone or mail. There seemed more unity then too, you didn't have the division of like grind vs. death, or glam vs. BM, everyone was into just about everything, the subdivisions and new genres didn't exist. I didn't differentiate between say Slayer, Celtic Frost, and Bathory. Today they would be classified as thrash, death metal, and BM. Back then it was either BM or the catch all thrash tag. I liked the scene back then for the unity, but now it is more wide spread and despite what everyone moans about mainstream radio/music video/MTV, metal is very much alive and well. The extreme music seems to have weathered the trends as the underground is usually unaffected by mainstream trends unless you're a poseur trying to pander to whatever's cool. Like adding keyboards and fangs to impress the little gothic Hot Topic 14 year olds... I can't say it is better or worse, but the quality bands do seem to rise and the crap will fall eventually, you just have to be discriminating I think. I think the metal scene is heading for a more visible era (even though most old-schoolers are deluded and think it'll be like the 80's again, but lets face it-it was a glorious moment in time to be a metalhead!) but I think an 80's style band may hit the mainstream, but not one of the old bands,a new band with an old sound perhaps,but think about it,there is renewed interest in 80's bands despite the efforts of programmers who think we need a band like Nickelback!

PitGoddess - Ok, so there's a big party of metalheads. It's a potluck. Everyone is bringing something. I'm bringing deviled eggs (haha) and sugar cookies. What would you bring to the feast?

Vorrath - I would be bringing shrimp fajitas with Dave's insanity sauce on the side! Perhaps some Norwegian ale, and key lime pie!

PitGodess - What do you think Glen Benton would bring? Kerry King? Varg?

Vorrath - Glen would probably bring either fresh squirrel from his backyard, or since he's Floridian, maybe some fresh oysters, Kerry would bring rattlesnake soup since he raises snakes when not doing Slayer, Varg? Hmmmmm roast lamb chops!

PitGoddess - Which musicians/acts do you admire today and why?

Vorrath - There are few that I admire today, but ones that I do like and listen to on a regular basis are:
Immortal-very original concepts and great visuals (I'm a sucker for visuals)
Emperor -good musicianship and complex arrangements
Carpathian Forest good music
but mostly I tend to stick to 80's stuff lately early 80's heavy metal like Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate and Judas Priest

PitGoddess -  So, how do you go about putting out some new material?

Vorrath - Well when I'm playing my guitar, I try to have the recorder handy so if I hit on a new riff or idea I'll put it on tape and the flesh it out. I usually record the rhythm guitar first, then add the drums, vox, bass and lastly leads if there is room, then mix it down and my brother edits the tracks and burns them to disc...

PitGoddess - How is the metal scene in Nebraska? Do you guys rock out in the cornfields? Yee-freakin'-haw dude.

Vorrath - There is actually a huge music scene here between Omaha and Lincoln. Check out www.slamomaha.com for info. The metal scene is split between 2 groups: the old schoolers, Lugburz and Diabolic Possession.  And the new school which seems to be kinda inbred like the Norwegians…everybody is in soo many bands! Gravestorm, Malkavian ,and Obsidian Empire are a few. We have had our share of national acts too like Conor Oberst/the Bright Eyes, the Faint,and 311 are all Omaha acts. Oh C.W. Mc Call is from here too... Except for Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska is nothing but either corn/wheat fields or barren plains near the CO border. "Squeal like a pig!"
"You shore got a purty mouth..."

PitGoddess - Thanks again Vorrath. Any final words to live by?

Vorrath - Yes, support the metal scene and live by your own standards!


Keep it BRUTAL!


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