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Interview with Spectral of Lunar Reign


Interview with Spectral of Lunar Reign

PitGoddess - Hails Spectral. Tell me a little about your projects and yourself.

Spectral - Being that my internet is unavailable at this time, Astaroth and myself will conduct this interview at his computer.  Lunar Reign is the topic of conversation, but if you must know, or if it is even of any concern to anyone, there is Wolfenreich, which plays raw, older style blackened war metal. And, most recently, I have pursued Kryogenik, which is ambient/industrial/experimental...stuff. Before Lunar Reign there was Burnt Church and Tyrants of the Flesh, which were both black metal. My roots in extreme metal lie within death metal, as my first band went by the name of Inhumation, back in 1989. As for myself personally, there is no need to divulge anything further.

PitGoddess - I know you’ve gone through some line-up changes recently. How does the current line up look?

Spectral - Lunar Reign has more of a revolving door than Trump plaza, I mean I've been through a good 8-9 members since 1998, and more that have just tried out and nothing more. So for me to say I have a solid line-up would be useless blabblering. That doesn't mean there aren't members who are in it for the long haul. I have made good friends since moving to the Tampa area over a year ago.

PG - You’ve been in the underground scene for a while. What changes- positive and negative- have you seen?

Spectral - You are giving me questions that are.... unexpected. Standard faire for most interview questions are easily predictable.. I'm therefore paying you a compliment. One thing I have noticed is that the younger kids are getting better at playing the instruments, I mean back in the early Death Metal days it took us quite a while to get to the point where we could put together a band that didn’t suck. That’s a positive thing, it means the music is finally maturing to a point where if you want to get a good band going, you can, unless you just suck personally, which I have seen before. Really though it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.... The negative thing about metal's progression is that more non-whites are participating, that and all the publicity/sell-outs (saw Dark Funeral on cable metal channel the other day... sad...sad)

Astaroth - I believe most of today's metal scene has become absolutely meaningless. It has been infested with a handful of extremely worthless miscreants, Such as whores, non-whites and just really idiotic people. Even Christians have managed to extend their filth-ridden influence onto the metal scene. Not to mention people have become way too concerned with being "Kvlt" or "true" and I will tell you now, whomever uses these terms is a complete idiot who is just looking to show off to people. It is truly incredible and unfortunate how black metal these days has been disgraced by these people.

PG - What influenced you to start playing/start a band?

Spectral - Useless question..

PG - When should we expect new LR / Wolfenreich stuff?

Spectral - :mocking Lindsey’s voice sarcastically: "when should we expect new Lunar Reign?!?" wah wah wah Boo hoo

PG - Man, you’re such an amazing song writer and artist…what inspires you, lyrically and otherwise?

Spectral - I have answered this question in a different interview, you're losing originality points here. Thanks for the compliment. My subconscious is where my music is generated from, although I'd like to think it was a demon or something more interesting. I like Bill Zebub better though. I wanted a grimoire of exhaulted deeds interview instead.

PG - I gotta ask….why the tape for Lunar Reign? You know there is more technology?

Spectral - Your problem is with Thomas from Forgotten Wisdom Productions, not me. So before you go thinking I'm sitting in my cave with my 8-track, do some research.

PG - So, how many Xtians have you killed this week? Kiddding :)

Spectral - Xtians? Xmas? Xbox? xterra, you like those x's don't you. How about XXX?

PG - How do you feel religion affects people today? Where does your hatred stem from?

Spectral - I must assume it is the brain that is responsible for thoughts of hatred, I could be wrong. So I'm going to say my brain. I hate therefore I am.

Astaroth - Religion, I believe is a problem. Because there are obviously, people out there weak and stupid enough to not have a will of their own, therefore they become slaves to such organized religions as Christianity. It is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to find comfort in dark times such as these, and a meaningless (And absurd) attempt at explaining the origin of man. It is a corrupt system built on lies and hypocrisy. Mainly, the most violent part of my hatred is held against a great deal of the human race. This world is full of people that deserve worse than being gassed with Zyklon-B. Whores, rapists, corrupt scum, religion, liars, hypocrites...all examples of what I speak. And of course...there is IGNORANCE, which is one thing I (And I'm certain, none of my comrades in Lunar Reign) have tolerance for.

PG - Tell me more about your other project, Kryogenik…that seems a bit different from your other projects.

Spectral - I actually started writing for Kryogenik back in 2000 or so, but it was only for personal listening pleasure. With the popularity of myspace, I decided to get some of it heard. I had the site up for about two weeks before I was contacted by Funeral Disease Records, who are mostly about promotion.  I wish I had that kind of luck with my metal projects!  Shortly after, I added Astaroth to the project, because it needed more than just one person.  One of the songs was used for a fire-blowing act. I can't say what it sounds similar to, you have to judge for yourself. I don’t know how far I will go with it either.

PG - Any future plans for new or current projects?

Spectral - People always want to get this and that project going, there isn't enough time to do that many. Three is plenty for now, wouldn't you think?

PG - Thanks a ton man, any closing hails from the Infernal?

Spectral - The infernal? Who’s that? I have Astaroth here and I'm sitting here...

Astaroth - I have said all I have felt the need to say.  Farewell.


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