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Metalhead of the Month
August 2006



PitGoddes - Go on, tell us a little about yourself. (name, age, nicknames)
JR - I'm JR Daniels, 18, from Tampa, FL.

PitGoddess - Alright, first things first, why do you deserve the title MOTM?
JR - Because I'm dating you?.

PG - You're currently on tour with Cattle Decap. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being on tour?
JR - The advantages are meeting a lot of people and getting better and having to play at a consistant level every night. The disadvantages are missing my family and girlfriend and breaking/losing a lot of drum shit.

PG - What is the BEST thing about the metal lifestyle?
JR - That you're not emo.

PG - What is your favorite metal band?
JR - Jesus. That's rough, probably Eternal Lies from Sweden. Them or Quo Vadis.

PG - What is your favorite band that is non-metal?
JR - Dave Matthews Band

PG - If you could give out one CD to everyone, which would it be and why?
JR - Trial By Stone because they need to get known- for a local band they are pretty god damned good.

PG - Which musicians do you most admire?
JR - Nick Barker, Lee Harrison, Derrick Roddy, George Kollias, Marco Minneman, Tony Royster Jr, Matt LaPorte, Chuck Schuldiner, Tom Englund, Jason Rullo¡Kthere¡¦s so many, I'll leave it at that. There are so many musicians, they all inspire me in different ways.

PG- Recommend someone for the next MOTM.
JR- Lee Harrison

JR Daniels on the drums!

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