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Interview with Necrol of Secrets She Kept


Interview with Necrol

PitGoddess - Necrol! My homie…you’ve been a busy bee lately. What’s been going on?

Necrol - Well, "Requiems to Midnight, Woe" was released in July of last year and since then it's mainly been about promoting the release. We played our first show as a whole band and things went very well. We've had some drummer issues since then, but we're putting things back in order and should be ready to play out again in March. We've also been writing a little more, here and there.

PG - You recently joined up with Kult ov Azazel. That is pretty amazing. How did you pull that off? What do you think you bring to KoA?

N - Umm... I had actually been talking to Xaphan for a little while before I found out they were in need of a new guitarist. So, when I found out I just said, "Hey, I'll do it." and I guess that's that. As far as what I bring to KoA... I'm not really sure. I guess I'd bring a little more brutality to the band and add more using of solo's in songs.

PG - Your lyrics for SSK range from beautiful and romantic to dirty and erotic to hateful and dark. How are you able to change gears so drastically?

N - Honestly, each song is so different from one another, it's really no problem. Diversity is something that I really wanted on this release so it was no task.

PG - I know it took a while to finally get the Requiems CD out. What took so long? How do you feel about the album now?

N - I had a lot of issues during the recording of this cd. I also moved a whole lot too. Since I have my own studio I had to break everything down and reset everything up and get all the settings right and blah blah blah. However, it definately gives the cd more character. I don't think more than one song was recorded in the same place. Each song has a different story to tell, beyond just the lyrics. They're like time capsules to me. But, aside from that, I feel very confident about the cd and think it came out well.

PG -  If you could have lunch with one prominent figure in metal, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

N - Well, that sort of depends on what you would classify as "metal". There's so many variations these days. But, I'm going to go with one that may be a little un-expected... I would have to say that I would like it to be Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. They've done so much and conquered so much adversity, and Nikki Sixx is the main man behind it all. I'd have so much to ask that dude... ha.

PG - What are some of the struggles you faced, going from a solo act to a full band?

N - At first it was easy as shit. Everyone came together and learned all the material on their own and was ready for practices immediately. I was really enthused. Really, the only issue I have right now is the writing process. I've been doing all the writing for so long, and I'm not quite sure I'm ready to give that up yet. But, we'll see.

PG - I know your name “Secrets She Kept,” is meant to deceive people…the name not close to reflecting the sound. Why did you settle on that name? And who are you deceiving anywho?

N - I just settled on that name because I liked it and didn't feel like putting anymore thought into it. And I'm trying to deceive everyone. I didn't want a typical "metal" name. They're boring to me. I wanted something different. Something diverse. And I haven't seen any of that in the scene. Everything seems to be a carbon copy of everything else. It's lame.

PG - On a side note, isn’t it really aggravating when appliances break?

N - Damn right it is... heh

PG - How do you feel about America’s current government? What would you change about it? What would you keep?

N - I'm not too up to date on government issues. I just know that I don't like Bush and his "christian morals". I think that it distorts his judgment. As with all Christians. And as far as changing and keeping things...I think we're beyond that point. I think the whole thing needs to be destroyed and restarted, as with most of our society.

PG - That was probably too heavy a question to stop at, so let’s go for one more…When should we look for new SSK and/or KoA stuff? Where should we look?

N - New SSK stuff... no clue. I'm extremely picky when it comes to SSK music. I won't write if it's not quality, to me. And things like that can't be forced. I've written a couple new songs and there might be an EP or a split cd sometime, but a full length... probably not for a little while. KoA stuff... look for that sometime next year. I can't really say too much about that right now. But, news on where to get both bands stuff and all that shit can be found at www. geocities.com/secretsshekept and www.kultovazazel.com

PG - Thanks for your time. Any closing remarks?

N- Check out our site at www.geocities.com/secretsshekept. "Requiems to Midnight, Woe" is on sale and we're giving away free back patches with each cd, while supplies last.
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