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Noize - The Next New Wave?


NOISE - New Wave?

Back in October, I got a chance to be backstage with Regurgitron at a noise show. There I met bands such as Soriah, Power Circus and Black Meat. It was truly a great show and I had a great time. I got the opportunity to interview Lana of Power Circus and Travis Morgan of Black Meat.

Tell us about yourself.
Lana (Power Circus) http://www.needled.com/archives/2005/10/power_circus.php
Travis Morgan (Black Meat) http://www.blackmeat.org

How did you get started in this noise business?
Travis Morgan (Black Meat): I started making noise around 1998 at which point I also started NCC-records originally I just wanted to start an experimental music and decided it would be a good home base for releases.

Lana: I've listened to experimental & noise music for a long time now & last time I lived in Providence RI, maybe 2 years ago, I lived at the Pink Rabbit, one of the warehouses in Olneyville & there were noise shows all the time. Most everyone was making crazy creations for their next show, so I decided to make a band with my roommate at the time 'Cthulhu is Sex'.

What inspires noise anyway?
TM: I think that's really dependent on the creator and the listener the ranges of topics can go in any direction as in any other genre of music or art.
Lana: My noise or noise? Can't tell you what inspires others, but what I play is what ever my mood is, kind of like painting or writing, if that makes sense.

What kind of people come to noise shows, typically?
TM: Again that can go in any direction as well. Just anyone that's turned on to the sounds.
Lana: I have seen all kinds really, depending on where you are.

How does the noise crowd in America compare to the noise crowd in other countries?
TM: I haven't had an opportunity to play out of the country yet but I can say that I am very proud of the American noise scene from the progression I've witnessed since 1998.
Lana: I've never been to a noise show in another country. I've seen noise bands from other countries play here in the states and some I did like & some I did not. I do know people in Argentina really love my sounds & want me to play there. This crowd is absolutely crazy, in a good way. They make you a huge body mod scene, hang from hooks and all that.

How do you feel noise is/will impact the underground scene?
TM: I think that's made a huge impact on influencing other acts spawning new labels, etc.
Lana: To be honest I have no clue. I do not pay much attention to things really.

Is noise the next new wave? Why or why not?
TM: No it's been around for long time in one form or another.
Lana: It was big for a while 2 years ago & to me it is not as big these days. That also is because of where I live, here in NYC it is not that big, hipster music is big here.

More about you... What kind of gear do you abuse?
TM: I use a lot of gear that changes from time to time but the things I can't do without are: dod death metal zoom trimetal dod meatbox we use a lot of other pedals contact mics chunks of stone. Graham (other member of Black Meat) uses max msp and pedals and turn tables and contact mics and other home made fun stuff
Lana: I play a homemade analog synth, circuit bent cigar box, loop station, allesis effects, mixer, rattles, toys, accordian, mic, vetor synth, at times I sample keyboards.

What kinds of other music do you like?
TM: I like all music. I live for it. Most recently I'm really into old country, bluegrass, and gospel. I also enjoy punk, metal, rap, drum n bass, industrial, just whatever. I spend a lot of my off time buying records at thrift stores, flea markets, tag sales, and antique stores.
Lana: Music that has accordians, violins..... I really love gypsy & circus sounding music these days. I like all kinds of music really- classical, electro clash, death-rock, punk, goth, 70's porn sounding tunes- hahahaha not big into country & western or hip hop.

Now, getting into noise.... Can you recommend some noise bands for people who would like to get into noise?
TM: Most people would probably answer this with like some of the essentials or something but I'm just gonna list some bands that I've been listening to a lot: lockweld - pedestrian deposit - prurient - the cherry point - oscillating innards - fire in the head - december 23rd - guilty connector - LHD -immaculate grotesque.
Lana: Daniel Menche - Atrex Morgue Brighter Death Now -Cock ESP Kostice (sp?) -Randy Yau (sp?) White Mice -Boredoms - Merzbow.

If someone wanted to get into noise, what advice would you give them?
TM: Have fun with it
Lana: Just have fun with it.

Thanks a bunch for hanging in there with me. Any closing remarks?
TM - Thanks for taking the interest in black meat you can keep up with our actions at www.blackmeat.org and be sure to check out mine and graham's progress with our labels by visiting www.ncc-records.com and www.blossomingnoise.com both of us have some killer things lined up for 06.

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