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Hails Seth of Norsekrieg! Thank you for taking the time for this interview. It is greatly appreciated. Well, let's get started.
Hails, yes and thank you as well.

How did Norsekrieg Begin?
The winter of 1999, Well NorsekrieG was the brain child of Myself, because of the lack of true hateful, raw music. NorsekrieG was born out of me playing BM riffs alone in my room, then later on YIMFUR took guitar and some vocals on a very limited release with RIA on drums and myself on vocals.Then for a short time NorsekrieG turned into a one project and when the Dryspell split comes out the track Odin's Night is a track from a time when NorsekrieG was a one man Project off of the limited release Dying Forest, Rising Battles; but enough of this small discography. We started out of hatred for the music scene and of mankind and the lack of true raw music.

Are there any new albums to be released after your very limited release of "Under the Sign of the Black Sun"?
Yes, this January we will start working on a 4 song mini CD, dedicated to GROND of Dry Spell, the name might be called Now You Hold The Key or Lasting In Eternal Night's and we have 3 songs ready to be recorded ,we hope by next fall to have a Album out which will be a side project of Grafvolluth/ Angelcide/ Norsekrieg it will be some what of a 3 way split but we will all merge as one band, as of now this is just words but we hope to make that reality the members of that will be Seth(me)/Ria(NorsekrieG) Cullen (angelcide) Hacker (Grafvolluth)..the year 2006/2007 will be a big year for NorsekrieG.

Who were the major influences of Norsekrieg?
WOW....I would say our first influences were AKITSA and Grafvolluth, but as we record we had more influences. A huge influence to my playing was krieg-the church and if you listen to Ria's drumming he was a mix of Krieg and Darkthrone but others that played a huge roll are Hate Forest, Venom, Bathory, King Diamond, Hell Hammer, Mayhem (old) and Yes a lot of old school crust and chaos punk. Bands like Chaos U.K. Disorder, Chaotic Dischord, Discharge and a few others.

I'm starting to run out of questions here, haha. Due to past events, do you know what is going on with the Norsekrieg/Dry Spell split cd?
I hope to have that out as soon as it can get done, because of thing that are in the past and I do not wish to speak of we got side-tracked. As far as everything goes it is coming along and will destroy your ears soon.

Well, I think that's all I'd like to ask you man. Thanks for your time and an Eternal Hails goes out to you and Ria. \m/
Hell yes my friend it was good to do this and Eternal Hails goes out to you my friend and i would like to thank everyone at Scrapyard Magazine for the interview and helping in supporting the underground warriors. Plus I would like to add and let people know about a few bands for everyone to keep an eye on. Grafvolluth, Angelcide, Dry Spell \m/ and the new shit coming out from MYSELF NorsekrieG.


The ScrapYard would like to thank Nazgul and NorsekreiG for this interview.

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