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Planned Collapse


Planned Collapse: Black Thrash Punk
by Seeth

Seeth - Hails Commander E the leader of the Mystical, dark and politically charged legions of Planned Collapse, do tell me a bit about the now infamous Planned C and yourself.
E - The Collapse unit is a message to anyone still in command. Dogs are barking.

Seeth - I have noticed with Planned Collapse you guys are always changing your line-up about every year or two years, who is the current line-up as of now and what do they do?
E - Planned Collapse has had problems with stability. We have been cursed with that since day one. The line up today is our most stable and serious. The current Collapse unit roll call is as follows: K.T. on the vohicular onslaught, The Just on thunders and hellhammers, Mr. Yimmit on buzzsaws, Christafari on sub-sonic torment, and myself (E) on geeters and vokills.

Seeth - What's your poison, like what influenced you to start playing Planned Collapse?
E - I started Planned Collapse in late 99. My original goal with the band was to meld hard hitting filthy crust with no frills black metal and then mix a message worth screaming about. As the years and members flew by, I became more influenced by other things.

Seeth - There has always been a bit of controversy with Planned C and the symbols you guys use and you, yourself use pentagrams and chaos arrows and with yourself WulfHooks and The Schwarze Sonne can you elaborate a little bit on this for us?
E - Yes, I have respect for certain "ways of life". I feel close to certain symbols such as the Baphomet and many others. Symbolisim is not just an art. A good symbol is supposed to project a certain thought into your head; perhaps without even knowing it at first. A symbol is created to draw you in. It's a very personal thing between you and your perception of something. One of the most beautiful symbols I have ever come across is the "Wulfhook" Ruin......The lost Ruin.

Seeth - You guys do a crazy mix of Metal, Black Metal, Grindcore, Crust and Raw Dirty Punk is this right? And do you have any kind of name for it? Can you like classify it for the masses or is all your own?
E - Yes, I am obsessed with so much of that stuff. We try to meld all our influences and throw in a message worth saying. Planned Collapse could be your survival guide to the apocalypse. We are survival punk.

Seeth - I know you, yourself has a huge love for Drone Metal and the Earth Doom styles will we be seeing any of that in new to come Planned Collapse releases?
E - I am possessed by drone. Both Sunn 0))) and Earth are nothing short of amazing. When I figure out a way to throw some drone into the mix, I definitley will. I think Sunn 0))) made history by mixing black metal and drone with their last album.

Seeth- You guys have been black listed from clubs, had sets cut sort, the cops come to house party's for noise violations and shows shut down because of fights, so you guys have been know to be a bit rough with the crowd and have an image of being a bit of the crazy "fuck you, talk shit and I'll kick your ass" type of guys, like you don't take shit, is this true or is it just a false image that is made up about Planned Collapse, I know some of it to be true but is all of it really true?
E - Planned Collapse is not always well received by everyone. There are "forces" that would love for us to just shut up. I myself am not pro violence, especially at shows; but, if I'm being attacked, I'm going to try my best to defend myself.

Seeth - So with Steve gone are you going to still have jump in and out of the raw punk vocals, or is this scrapped? Also will the lyrics be so politically charged or are we going to see a small change in this too?
E - Steve has his own style of vocals. His vocals were great and knowone in the band will mimick him. With him gone, K.T. has stepped up to the plate and took over so many more vocal parts. She has her own style. KT has some of the best screams I've heard.

Seeth - You guys consume a lot of beer right? So how do you feel about the growing trend in the crust scene with the whole straight-edge thing and would you play a show where no beer was A. served or B. not allowed at all?
E - It seems we do consume a lot of alcohol. Some of us are not proud about that fact. I personally don't care if someone drinks or not. I don't care to know what you regularly consume. Conversations about your diet do not interest me. Beer drinkers, sXe, vegans, meat eaters - It's all fine. I have my own personal beliefs about certain subjects, but I'm not going to impose them on anyone. I think there needs to be a little more tolerance in this "crust" scene. We have played shows where we were not supposed to drink.

Seeth - In the past you guys have had four vocalist you (E the Commander), Yimmit, KT and of course lets not forget Steven , so what I am getting out with Steve gone how will the vocal arrangement work out now?
E - K.T. is taking over the majority of Steve's parts. Mr. Yimmit and I have some more parts too. K.T. is now the main vokillist though.

Seeth - When will the new album be out and what label will it be released on?
E - Our new LP will be coming out some time in May 06. Black Noise/Alternitive Tenticles is putting it out. We just recorded 6 tracks at Serenity Squat in NYC for our up coming tour.

Seeth - So the new tour is coming up can you give the kids down in Tampa and the rest of the U.S.A. some of those dates? And who will you be playing with, like who is headlining?
E - Were heading out with LEFTOVER CRACK and GREEN GOBLIN PROJECT this week. I think we have something like 13 shows. All the show dates are at our site. www.myspace.com/plannedcollapse

Seeth - OK Commander E thanks a lot for this interview The Scrapyard Death Crew sends you many hails. Do you have anything you would like add?
E - Salute Seeth.

Ezy Command

Hails from The PitGoddess.

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