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Reviews: Bleak and Ceremonial Castings CDs



Bleak is truly the music of all haunted souls. The music sounds as if it was produced in a graveyard at midnight, haunting, beautiful, agonizing. The atmosphere is inspired as are the vocals. This is music you can feel - everything from sorrow and despair to anger and hatred and every emotion in between. Each song is roughly a twenty minute epic, dragging you through the twists and turns of pain, solitude and torture. This is perfect music for those long nights, walks through the graveyard, stormy nights and sitting alone, contemplating if this worthless life is worth living
Flawless. 10/10 \m/\m/\m/\m/


I had never heard of Ceremonial until several months ago. I burnt myself a demo CD and listened to it for about a month solid. Luckily, Lord Serpent sent me a copy of Immortal Black Art. IBA combines both melodic keyboard solos and crushing guitar riffs and drum beats. Lord Serpent's vocals are also amazing, ranging from deep, throaty growls and black metal vocals. OldNick's keyboard solos are beautiful and haunting and completely hypnotizing. Anyone who can't listen to OldNick's keys/pianos is missing one of the finer artists in metal. Lord Serpent has some awesome riffs too, and the drums are unheard of - absolutely amazing. The CD is a great mix of brutality and beauty, including a cover of Darkthrone's Transylvanian Hunger. My only complaint is that these guys live in WA, so unless a major tour is planned, I will never see them live.

Overall, Ceremonial is flawless, beautiful, melodic, brutal metal. A must have for an extreme music fan.
A perfect ten, \m/\m/\m/\m/

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