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Evergrey : Monday Morning Apocalypse
Vader - Art of War



Doors at 7 o’clock. Heck, the best part of that show was going inside…it was cold outside!  Kidding. The first band, With Passion, was one of those hardcore bands that randomly gets tacked to metal shows.  I really don’t know why With Passion was even allowed to open for Nile.  No one really got into their music, except for a few Pit Ninjas, who were smashed immediately.  Instead, people gathered and talked as old friends.  By the time Solient Green came on, the crowd was much friendlier.  Solient played an awesome set, well received with a few small but violent pits.   The crowd showed Soilent Green lots of love before they went off stage.  By the time Nile came on, the crowd was drunk and friendly.  Nile is one of the best bands ever- amazing lyrics, dedicated and talented musicians and strong stage presence.  As Nile blasted through their set list, including classics like Black Seeds and Masturbating the War God, the crowd stood, in amazement.  Dallas looked like a madman, but had the whole club head banging in unison.  Other than mad head banging and horn-throwing, the crowd could only watch and growl along, unable to pry their eyes from the greatness that is Nile.  The one thing that kept the night from being a night of perfection is that Nile didn’t play Lashed to the Slave Stick!  Still, the set was amazing and I have never been more impressed with a band than I am with Nile.  Everyone who hasn’t seen Nile needs to as soon as the opportunity presents itself.


Lugburz Review by Bill GrimHammer

From Vorrath’s one man Black Metal project Lugburz comes Hammer of War, featuring five songs for a total of just over 21 minutes. What we have here is a collection of very old school basement black metal. Think early Bathory and Celtic Frost. Fans of this genre will know what to expect, and detractors of this genre should stay far, far away.
Present are the requisite raspy vocals, thrashy guitar riffs, and pounding drums. Also present is the tapedeck level of sound quality where the music sounds as though it was performed on the other side of a closed door. This is to be expected from the genre, but a more professional recording job would drastically aid the music here by giving more of an edge to the instrumentation and improving the clarity, for sometimes balance is lost and the riffwork is buried underneath the drums and vocals. It does, however, make the raspy vocals sound more inhuman and mysterious.
The musicianship is for the most part solid, despite the drumming occasionally getting out of time. There are plenty of interesting riffs to be heard, and occasionally the bass guitar comes out from underneath the mix. The range of emotions created by the music extends from sinister and creepy to aggressive and vicious. Not exactly innovative, but done well. Fans of Celtic Frost and Bathory will appreciate this.
This disc has plenty of musical variety. There are many changes of tempo and style. Songs progress from grim sounding chords to classic Black Metal riffs, to pounding noise, to mid-tempo thrash. The mid-tempo sections are reminiscent of Celtic Frost’s Morbid Tales. The downside is that many times the ideas lack connection and the songs have no clear structure or sense of transition. The ideas themselves, though, are solid. “Tainted By Wrath” and “Exaltant War Cries,” are strong tracks on this disc, as they seemed the most cohesive. Opinions will vary wildly.
While a conventional and unpolished collection of classic Black Metal, Hammer of War is certainly not without its strengths and creativity, and it will appeal to fans of the genre. Relentless, uncompromising, raw, homebrew Black Metal: expect nothing more, expect nothing less.
-Bill GrimHammer

Monday Morning Apocalypse Review by Astaroth
Evergrey : Monday Morning Apocalypse
Review By John.
Well, here we have another Evergrey release, after quite a while of touring and the release of "A Night to Remember", they have returned to the studio and have created their sixth studio album "Monday Morning Apocalypse". This one is in quite a few ways a departure from their previous albums, in the sense that it has a thrashier feel to it, songs like "Still in the water" Or "Unspeakable" include really heavy/thrashy sounding riffs, while others such as "Lost" are really melodic and sorrowful sounding. All of course
have amazing keyboards thrown in at exactly the right moments, that is one thing that has not changed at all, Evergrey still manage to provide great yet really sorrowful atmospheres, the choruses are extremely catchy as well, it can be safely said that Tom Englund is pretty much a flawless singer at this point, his vocals are packed full of emotion, and are very well performed on this album. Overall, the songs are well written, catchy riffs, great vocals, awesome keyboards, excellent atmosphere. This should appeal very much so to fans of progressive metal in general, and of course long time Evergrey fans like myself. Don't forget to see them live at Powerprog!!!!!

Terrorizer - Joe
Terrorizer Review
What more can I say, except that this is truly one of the most brutal grind albums of all time?  This supergroup that formed in the late 80s consisted of metal's greatest pioneers (Jesse Pintado- Napalm Death, Lock up; Pete Sandoval and David Vincent- Morbid Angel and Oscar Garcia-Nausea) who put together some of the best classic work ever.  This album contains some of the best work from all of these musicians and from start to finish is pure brutality.  Filled with the insane beats of Pete “Commando” Sandoval, the insane guitar and bass lines of Jesse Pintado and David Vincent, lead by the political vocal assault of Oscar Garcia.  The key tracks on the album our entitled After World Obliteration, Storm of Stress and Corporation Pull In, which are soaked in the essence of crust/punk/grind which puts them on the pedestal with Napalm Death.  Even though the band no longer exists this album will remain as an eternal landmark in metal history.

Vader - Art of War by Scotty
Vader’s new EP, The Art Of War, is probably their strongest material since De Profundis.  The EP kicks off with an instrumental called “Para Bellum” which provides a great intro for “This Is The War,” a furious and devastating punch to the head that essentially says, hey this is killer death metal so get up off your ass and start thrashing.  From there they don’t take the edge off until another instrumental track which serves as an intro into “What Color Is Your Blood,” a killer piece of metal with a sizzling guitar offensive backed by seriously impressive drum work.  In all honesty the quality of the drumming really came as a surprise to me considering that Daray Brzozowski is a new drummer brought in after the unfortunate death of “Doc” Raczkowski.  Daray truly has talent though, and it can be seen throughout this release, especially in the likes of “Lead Us,” and “This Is The War” where he displays crushing power and rock-solid timing.  My sole complaint regarding this release is the length.  Fifteen minutes is insanely short even for an EP, it feels like you just cranked it up and then boom it’s already over and done with.  However, this is definitely raw mosh-ready goodness, and as it ends you will find yourself sitting there hoping that Vader can follow it up with a full length album on the same level.


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