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State of the Scene


State of the Scene

So, Joe, how long have you been in this whole Tampa metal scene? How did you get into metal?

I have been in the Tampa scene for 3 years.  I started going to shows when I was 16-17 years old.  I got into metal when I was 13 years around that age I heard the album Ride the Lighting from Metallica and I was hooked.  Of course my tastes got heavier and I soon fell in love with the sickness know as grindcore.

What is the best thing about living in Tampa?

Well I guess Tampa being the death metal capitol of the world is one reason I like it here.  Plus I've met a lot of friends and seen a lot of good bands here too.

What is the worst thing about the scene?

Tim (aka NYA from WolfenReich) if his ass wasn't around than the scene would be a lot better.  He couldn't be in Vomiting Rectum and he sucks in Wolfenreich too (NAZI PUNKS FUCK OFF)

How is Vomiting Rectum doing? When's the next show?

Everything is going pretty well we have had some issues and problems but beside that…We are going to record our demo not sure if its going to be at Mana recording Studios or just on my 8 track yet.  We are having a gig at the Boomerz Boiler Room April 22 with Chaos, Swamp Gas, Rodan, 90 minute reflex, Altar of Flesh and Abatu that should be good and we might have another one in May.

Where can we get some Vomiting Rectum?

We should have a demo hopefully before the show either in April or May.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to start a band?

Never Fucking Give up!  What ever happens keep pursuing the dream that's the most important thing you can do.  Never compromise your beliefs do what you feel in your heart is right.

This is totally random, but I just saw a tampon commercial. Please tell me you hate these as much as I do.

Tampon Commercials are pretty fucking annoying. I hate them with a passion.

If you could decapitate one public figure, Gwar style, who would it be?

Damn that's a hard one.  I always wanted to decapitate Paris Hilton.  I fucking hate that dumb cunt!

Thanks for your time. Anything else you want to add?

Support the underground.  Come to our shows support the scene and Stay Fucking Brutal.


Keep it BRUTAL!


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