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Bush Vetos Stem Cell Research
by Pit Goddess


Bush Vetos Stem Cell Research
by Pit Goddess

President Bush vetoed a bill that would allow for government funding for stem cell research. For those who don't know, stem cells have the ability to take on the role of other cells, such as heart or brain cells and are being used to aid suffers of Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, heart disease...etc.

There are two kinds of stem cells: embryonic and adult. Adult stem cells come from a patient's body: the cells are removed from the body, given a function and then returned. These stem cells are said to be limited, however. The much more flexible, useful stem cells are embryonic, coming from four to five day old embryos grown in a lab. These embryos are grown strictly for the stem cell research.

Many Americans support stem cell research, because advances may help many people suffering from painful, degenerative diseases. However, Mister Bush vetoed a bill to lift a ban on federal funding on the research, which the House failed to overturn. Mister Bush stated that stem cell research crossed a "moral boundary that the country needs to respect."

First of all, who is the government to set the moral boundaries for an entire country? The beliefs of one very Christian man should not be law of a very diverse country. Last time I checked, this was 2006, not 1984. Secondly, the stem cells are used to help very sick, but very alive people. The embryos from which the stem cells are taken are created specifically to help these people, with no intentions of ever becoming a human being. (It's not as if they are being ripped from a pregnant woman's stomach.) Therefore, the cells are not 'killing innocent life' but rather enhancing the lives of people who are already alive...allowing them to enjoy their lives for extra years. The cells can help slow the brain decay caused by Alzheimer's or help stroke patients walk again. Imagine the joy of the families when the sick are suddenly healing. This veto shows Mister Bush does not care about the sick or their families, but rather five day old cells in a Petri dish. Agree? Disagree?

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