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I recently stumbled across an article called “Is Death Metal Still Alive”?


After reading the entire article, twice, I determined they were saying the un-true- that death metal was indeed dead. Excuse me…death metal…Dead? Oh, say it ain’t so. BLASPHEMERS! Death metal is still rolling strong. It’s good to be a death metal fan, especially in Tampa. Tampa houses some of the biggest death metal acts in the states with bands like Deicide, Unholy Ghost, Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Cynic, Six Feet Under, Obituary…. Here, local death metal bands attract big followings. People lined up 3 hours early to see Nile play at the Masquerade and 5 hours to see Cannibal Corpse.

One of the dudes went on to say that all death metal sounds the same. Hardly…bands like Cannibal and Hate Eternal sound totally different than Cynic and Death. Each band has their own unique sound and different lyrical topics. I’ve never heard another band like Cynic and no one compares to Erik Rutan. No one writes lyrics as blasphemous as Deicide or as gory as Cannibal. Only to the untrained ear does death metal sound the same.

With new Hate Eternal, Hellwitch, Six Feet Under, Malevolent Creation, with all these death metal bands still alive and kicking, I say, screw everyone else, the death metal scene will not die.

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Written by Lindsey
Thanks to Panzer for expanding my Death Metal knowledge

Since its birth in the early 80's to its present stance now, Florida has undoubtedly turned out the best, most recognized death metal. From Morbid Angel and Death to newly rising acts like Unholy Ghost and Pessimist, Tampa has always been the hot bed for the most brutal form of music in the world.

When the death metal seen first reared its goat-thorned rotting skull it immediately sparked controversy and intrigue. With bands writing lyrics from Sacrifices to Lovecraftian mythos to obliterating a person’s skull with a hammer there was no loose of imagination or uproar for this, at the time, fledgling scene. Fans always bickered and quarreled over who was the first death metal band. Was it Evil Chucks band Death or was it the satanic rooted band Morbid Angel? Well if you never got the answer to this like most people, here it is. Morbid Angel was, they came out in the scene 1 year before Death did and at that same time Hellwitch came out too. Though they were out first, Death had the demo "Death By Metal" out a year before Morbid Angels demo "The Beginning". Both came out of the gates ruthless, aggressive and ready to destroy all in its wake. Once those two bands came out all hell broke loose. Bands in the Bay area started coming out like wildfires in a dry Florida summer. Bands like Brutality in ‘86, Cynic and Deicide and Buffalo, NY turned FLDM band Malevolent Creation in ‘87, Obituary, Satanic Death metal band Acheron, and the mighty Buffalo, NY transplants Cannibal Corpse in 88, and Monstrosity in 90. There was no shortage of death metal. The scene was booming back then, the underground was never more brutal.

When the second wave of Black metal came out from Norway with bands like Darkthrone, Mayhem, and Burzum. People began to think that the death metal scene was dying, when in fact people just started to recognize death metal more. All these bands were still kicking out some of the most destructive music ever. After tides began to change when the plague of MTV, Hot Topic, and Uranium infected the nation brainwashed metal came out. What started to come back to kick it in the ass back in its place? That's right, Tampa death metal. Now there's newer bands out just as hungry as their forefathers: bands like Contorted, After Death, Pessimist, Unholy Ghost, Divine Empire, Hate Eternal, Six Feet Under. Which fronted by men from pioneering death metal bands, one, By the "Death metal Redneck" Jason Blachowicz, another By the master Axeman Erik Rutan from the "Domination" Era Morbid Angel and the other, Chris Barnes, a godfather of death metal.

So after reading this I hope that your thoughts of a dying Bay area Death metal scene have faded off with the hair spray laden legacy of horrid hair metal. Because death metal is just as much alive as it was 20 some odd years ago when it was born.

-By Ian "Ragnarok" Welsh

NinjaSlave1127: i dunno, black metal has always been funny to me
NinjaSlave1127: I can picture like...seeing these guys and just laughing hysterically
Sadist Brutality: lol
Sadist Brutality: most of them do haha
NinjaSlave1127: seriously, i cant stop laughing now
NinjaSlave1127: im picturing them playing at like...the mug or something
NinjaSlave1127: and its funny
Sadist Brutality: lol
NinjaSlave1127: theyre trying to be all evil, with the spiked boots and shit
NinjaSlave1127: and i can see the singer like... lighting something on fire
NinjaSlave1127: and accidently lighting him self on fire (hence the random scream)
Sadist Brutality: lol
NinjaSlave1127: but hes like 'im so evil, i keep going'

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