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Pit Goddess : So, Sakrefix, what influenced you to start playing music? What instruments do you currently play?

Hadrian: I don't know. Hahahaha. I was influenced to play from listening to bands, and wanting to play as good as them, and to have people hear the music that I make. I Currently play guitar and bass and am working on sharpening my keyboard and drum skills...and I do vocals, if you count that as something I play...

Pit Goddess- Tell me about the History of Sakrefix.
Hadrian: Ahh... well, Sakrefix originally started out as a 3 man band in Denver, Colorado. I moved from Colorado to Texas, and had to leave my band behind. I came to Texas, practiced for a couple years, and decided that I wanted to start another band. I couldn?t find any other members, because no one here plays as fast as what extreme metal calls for. So I got a drum program, recorded some beats on sound recorder, and added guitar and vocals to them...I decided to name this project Sakrefix (I made up the name while in Colorado, and since the band in CO never did anything outside of the basement, I figured it couldn?t hurt to re-use the name).

Pit Goddess- You use a drum machine?
Hadrian- Yeah

Pit Goddess: Isn?t that cheating? How many bands in BM do you think use drum machines?
Hadrian- Ha Ha.
Dai Shan (random interview observer) - How is it cheating when he is the only guy in the band?

Hadrian- Some solo projects such as Wolfhunter, and Mistwander use drum machines. BWS also used a drum machine. I guess, if you can?t find a drummer, you gotta do what you gotta do to make the music. That is one reason I took up drumming, so I can do the drums for Sakrefix.
Pit Goddess- Oh ok. Well, at least you're learning drums
Hadrian- The split w/ Wolfhunter is going to have me drumming, instead of using a drum machine. I think I am ready to do it.

Pit Goddess- Well, good luck with that. If Sakrefix was a full working band, whom would you most like to play a show with?
Hadrian- Well, a couple solo projects, such as Mistwander, Wolfhunter, Tjolgtjar and Serpent Lord. Also more underground bands, such as Invictus, Von Sargeth, Ceremonial Castings, and ThroCult. **off the top of my head...

Pit Goddess-What was the first concert you attended?
Hadrian- Well, the first ever concert I attended was the Spring Death Fest 2002 in Denver Colorado. It featured several underground metal bands, such as Yeast Infection, ThroCult, Cephalic Carnage, and Serberus, among others.... It was a good show and a good first experience. Except for the huge skinhead that targeted me in the pit and kicked my ass....

Pit Goddess- Ok, your sound is REALLY raw. When I listen to it, I feel like my skin is peeling off. You obviously have some extreme influences. Who are they?
Hadrian- Hmm, I have a lot of influences, not just from music, but from life in general. I guess if you are asking about my musical influences, I would say that Emperor has a huge influence on my music. Other influences would be Destroyer 666, older Dimmu Borgir, Lunaris, Slayer, and Deicide...

Pit Goddess- Ok- where do you see black metal heading in the next few years?
Hadrian- Well, Black Metal, like the Extreme Metal genre in general is getting more and more popular. People are starting to get into it more, and more bands are getting heard, and establishing fan bases all around the world. so, I think that Extreme Metal has a good future in store. I am sure that there will be many "black metal" bands that will come out...but those that are true will be able to see through the bullshit and remain true to the Black Metal roots.

Pit Goddess- How about the future of Sakrefix?Hadrian- Well, I am actually having what you can call "different pulls". I am being pulled into many different directions. I think the future of Sakrefix is going to be fairly short, due to me moving to Colorado and joining up w/ some friends who are starting a band (Nick and Chris, formerly of Beguile)...

Pit Goddess- Ah, well best of luck with that
Hadrian- Thanks, its appreciated

Pit Goddess: Any closing words?
Hadrian- Yeah, I would like to say HAIL to all my fans, friends, and family for all the support they have given me. Without the support that I am constantly receiving from everyone, I would be nothing, and its appreciated very, very much. Stay true and keep it fucking brutal!!
fast, punishing, raw black metal
Hadrian Sakrefix

This will probably one of my shorter reviews...

Sakrefix can be summed up in exactly two words: fast and raw. The songs have some good rhythm, a head banging quality to say the least. Listening to Sakre, I felt as if my eyeballs were being peeled apart. The music is just that raw. Sakrefix has gotten nothing but good reviews, and I'd give him a listen if I were you. Warriors Until Death and God of the Deep are his best songs.

Keep it BRUTAL!

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