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Introducing: ABATU
by the PitGoddess

Abatu with the PitGoddess

Abatu L-R Lane, PitGoddess, Ian, Nazgul

Pit Goddess: What is the best thing about being in Abatu?

John: The shows, and being able to express my beliefs and views through the music we make.
Ian: Playing the type of music I love with 3 kick ass guys.
Lane: Being able to go somewhere on the weekends and make music that gives a big "FUCK YOU" to everything I dislike.
Nazgul: Um....playing ridiculously fast black/death metal and having made excellent friends with Lane and Ian

How did you become a part of Abatu? How did the band start?

J: Through Ian and Lane, We have been good friends for some time, I was in another band at the time, though I quit...Soon after Lane suggested me as vocalist to Ian since Ian wanted to concentrate on guitar, next thing I knew I was in.
I: Abatu was the end of an evolution of several bands starting from two years ago a band called Affliction (which we got from a Hate Eternal song) with several members leaving and joining and it came down to a new name because we got tired with Affliction.
L: Abatu was started by Ian Welsh, guitarist/backing vocalist, in 2003. The band was just a pastime for him and the other members. Then, in 2004 I met Ian at Largo High. He knew I played bass and he was looking for a bassist at the time. He decided to try me out at one of the practices, and I soon joined the band.
N: They were looking for a drummer after their old drummer, Ryan, was fired from the band. Ian got a hold of me because he heard my black metal band Dry Spell and wanted me in the band. So here I am.

Where did the name ?Abatu? come from?

I: I was looking through this book of ancient civilizations and this ancient Sumarian term Abatu was in it, which means negative and destructive energy in the world, which also has to do with the release of violent energy in the body in a sacrificial ceremony from this pseudo-satanic society, called the Order of the Nine Angels. I liked it and it stuck.

How long have you each been playing? What gear do you abuse?

J: I have been doing vocals for about three years now. I don't have that much preference for mikes. Not yet at least.
I: I?ve been playing for 4 years. I have 9 guitars: a BC Rich art series Ironbird, custom Mockingbird and NJ series Beast. A Gibson ltd ed. 1989 V90 flying v, a ESP LTD KH503, a 7 string Ibanez, a gutted 80's Ibanez and a acoustic electric talman series Ibanez, and a 80's Van Halen style Kramer Striker. I also have a Custom made cab stack and a 80's Randall head, as well as a Line6 pod and floorboard, I also have a BOSS Metalzone but I rarely use that anymore.
L: Well, I have been playing bass for two years now. I abuse a piece of crap guitar research amplifier, and a Zion bass guitar. I also use guitar research strings and Dunlop picks.
N: I've been playing drums for 9 years. I use a premier 9 piece double bass set up with Evans heads on the toms and a remo head on the snare. I also use Sabian, Zildjian, and Wuhan cymbals.

What do you hope to accomplish with Abatu? Fame? Money? Girls?

J: None of that matters, what truly is important is to make music, and to spread Blasphemy through it.
I: I would like to make a career of music but I don?t know how well that?d work out, but I hope it does. Our goal with this band since day one was to make the most technical, brutal, punishing, arcane, intelligent music we could, and to try and bring back what death metal was when it was created in our area in the 80's. Real Tampa death metal, no bullshit, no gimmicks, just pure occult, satanic, brutality.
L: I want to do everything I can with the band. I also would like the knowledge that we can be compared with some of our influences as a band.
N: To bring back the old school feel to the city that originated death metal music.

I know Ian does most of the song writing. How do you come up with new songs? How does everyone else fit in?

J: Ian does most of the lyrics/music, but I contribute every now and then.
I: I read a lot, some songs are drawn from ancient Sumaria, their mythology. Some are drawn from human psyche, mostly on fear, I love tapping into that part of man. But most are drawn from books of HP Lovecraft and Satanism an the doctrine its based around and a lot from various occult subjects, im very into the unknown and into the dark arcane side.
L: First, Ian will write a riff. He will show it to me, and I will listen to it a few times and just make up the bass riffs on the spot. Then I make modifications if necessary at practices.
N: All I do is put the drums to the music after Ian writes the guitar riffs and lyrics. I don't really have a part in the song writing process. I'm more of just a fill-in.

What would be your ideal show to play?

J: I would have to say Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse and Nile.
I: Ok, local ones would be Hatred Unleashed, Cystic Dysentery, Vomiting Rectum, Contagion Theory and Dryspell. Major bands would be Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Nile, Suffocation and Behemoth.
L: Definitely Nile, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Kult ov Azazel, Contagion Theory, Paths of Possession, Dry Spell, and Lunar Reign.
N: Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Death w/ Chuck Shuldner, and Nile.

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate this. Any closing remarks?

J: Hails to all those that support us, Thank you.
L: Stay brutal Tampa!
N: Live long and prosper. Hahaha.

See Abatu at the Pegasus Lounge on Oct 29th for their demo release. For more info contact Ian at: Ragnarok3836@yahoo.com
or www.myspace.com/abatu

Technical, fast, evil, old-school Tampa death metal
John- Vox
Ian- Guitars and Vox
Lane- Bass

Abatu - 12-3-2005 Dethfest

Abatu 12-3-2005 Dethfest

Keep it BRUTAL!

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