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Review of Exodus "Shovel Headed Kill Machine"
by PitGoddess

It?s a good thing I had such low expectations for this album- I might've been disappointed. No offense to Exodus, really. At least they can say, 'Hey, at least we didn't make St. Anger'.
Honestly, it's not a bad album. However, any old school Exodus fans will greatly miss Tom, Rick and Steve. The new vocalist sounds kind of like a Paul Baloff wanna-be, but I think he tries a little too hard. He ends up sounding like Baloff and some hardcore singer had a vocal love-child. It's not really bad, but it's far from Souza's goblin-shrieks.

After listening to Bonded and Fabulous, I noticed that the cd is lacking in catchy solos. Man, Exodus lost a lot of power on guitar with the loss of Rick. What kind of metal head needs to spend time with his kids?! How inconsiderate of him (Kidding, chill out.). Paul Bostaph, the new drummer, is actually quite good. He used to drum for Slayer and Testament, which earns him my approval. I think the drumming actually improved on this album.

My main issue with the new album is the length of the songs. The whole cd is almost an hour long. There is no reason for a thrash cd to be that long. Some of the songs and intros seem to drag on forever. The tempo is a little slow. Mostly, the cd should be cut in half and the tempo upped. I know Exodus is known for writing long songs, but this is pushing it.

My second issue is the song writing. With song titles such as :Deathamphetamine" and "44- Magnum Opus", I expected awesome, bloody, violent song writing, as I have come to expect with Exodus. I wasn't feeling the song writing too much. I noticed a lot of end rhyme, which was a little odd.

Honestly, for all my ranting and complaining, this album isn't all bad. Gary still has guitar power, and the drums are great, which I mentioned before. The thrashy moments on the cd are quite enjoyable, and induce a few headbangs.

If you're an Exodus fan, you'll probably want to have this one in your collection. My only advice- don't listen to this after you've listened to Fabulous, and definitely not after Bonded. \m/\m/\m

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