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The Infamous EZT
Sex, Metal and Metallica Hate. "Broke from all the lawsuits caused by Sir Nekro's cat rape fetish". more

"...this is death metal and its not like LA metal back in the 80s or something" more

"I try to get the most furious sound possible. Filth and disgust is its prime." more

Reviews - August 2006
Alarum, Sakrefix, and Cannibal Corpse more

Metalhead of the Month
"There are so many musicians, they all inspire me in different ways." more

Planned Collapse
"We try to meld all our influences and throw in a message worth saying. Planned Collapse could be your survival guide to the apocalypse." more

Bush Vetos Stem Cell Research
Pit Goddess has a few things to say... "Last time I checked, this was 2006, not 1984" more


Well, the PitGoddess has been both quite busy and quite lazy these last few months. Work has been hectic as has Tae Kwon Do. Training for the US Open eats a lot of time. I didn't do nearly as well as I had hoped and planned, but hey, I'm still 5th in the world...so, yay me. I'm off to college soon. I can't say what that means for The Scrapyard. I am double majoring and taking a heavy course load. Hopefully my excellent time management skills (HAH!) will allow me to still publish zines...better late than never right?!?! RIGHT?!?!! Well, keep thrashing guys!!
- Pitgoddess Luv.


Immortal has reunited and is headlining Waken 2007.

Self titled cd by Suffocation due out Sept 19th in the US and Sept 25th worldwide.

Cattle Decap heads back out on tour with Six Feet Under, Krisiun, Decapitated and Abysmal Dawn starting Sept.

Celtic Frost is heading out starting Sept too!

Monstrosity is appearing at Hellfire Manifest (along with about 10 other bands) in Huntville, AL on Aug 26th.

Suffocation, Hypocrisy, Decapitated, Nailshitter Nov 5th @ Backbooth in Orlando
Upcoming Interviews-
Kult ov Azazel? USBM

Ballet Deviare? the world?s only Death Metal ballet company
Broken September? Female-fronted prog

Big big thanks to JR Daniels (I love you!), Lee of Monstrosity, Planned Collapse, Grafvolluth, Seeth, Jarrod, Robert, Regurgitron, Splattergod and Susan (aka Sir Nekro and Black Wydow), Illnoisan Thunder, and Creative Printing in Land O' Lakes

Always looking for opinions on absolutely anything, interviews, reviews, fresh voices. Don?t be shy! thescrapyard1@hotmail.com

Splattergod Records
Home of all your metal needs: Vinyl, Autographs, CDs, Posters, Shirts, Occult, Horror, Gore, Collectables

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Meet the Death Crew:

The PitGoddess - Founder, Writer, Publisher, Eternally Brutal, yet charming and witty :) rockstar's girlfriend, everything else. Likes: Cattle Decap, Death, Nile

Seeth Of NorseKrieg - Writer. Likes Planned Collapse, Grafvolluth

Polluting Minds With REAL Metal!

Previous Features:

Interview with Necrol of Secrets She Kept
"I guess I'd bring a little more brutality to the band and add more using of solo's in songs" more

RIP - Masquerade Tampa
"I remember…my first concert. Seeing Gwar for the first time, completely awestruck, having the time of my life." more

Interview with Spectral of Lunar Reign
"...back in the early Death Metal days it took us quite a while to get to the point where we could put together a band that didn’t suck." more

State of the Scene w/Joe
"Tampa being the death metal capital of the world is one reason I like it here." more

Interview: Vorrath of Lugburz
"I have complete control over all aspects of the music, concepts, etc. besides that, the failure or success rests on my own efforts". more

NILE SHOW, LUGBURZ : HAMMER OF WAR, Evergrey : Monday Morning Apocalypse, Terrorizer, Vader - Art of War. more

Bleak - Words From The Graveyard
"Sometimes I just kinda fuck about on the guitar or keyboard, and I play something that sounds very significant to me" more

Ceremonial Castings - Beautiful Brutality
Interview with Jake aka Lord Serpent the Vocalist & Guitarist as well as founder of Ceremonial Castings. more

Noize - The Next New Wave?
Travis Morgan of Black Meat and Lana of Power Circus talk about the noise! more

Interview with Seth "We started out of hatred for the music scene and of mankind and the lack of true raw music." more

Review: Bleak and Ceremonial Castings
Reviews of their music here. more

Death Metal: Two Stories, Same Side
Is Death Metal dead or is this just a nasty rumor? more

Interview with the Reverend
of Tjolgtjar and Blood Cult. Plus CD review of Tjolgtjar/Blood Cult "Chaos in the Cornfields". more

Interview with the Sakrefix
Fast, punishing, raw black metal and album review. more

Introducing: Abatu
Technical, fast, evil, old-school Tampa death metal. more

Review: Opeth "Ghost Reveries"
This album may surprise you, it may leave you agape, it may leave you at a loss of words. more

Review: Exodus "Shovel Headed Kill Machine"
The thrashy moments on the cd are quite enjoyable, and induce a few headbangs. more

ReGurgiTron's Advice to the Music Industry
Taken from the PitGoddess' interview of this noise artist. The music industry is DEAD. more

The Scrap Yard was founded in the summer of 2005 after the PitGoddess noticed a shortage of brutal metal magazines. This zine is written for anyone who is sick of the crap that is shoved in our faces- all the crap made popular by MTV. The PitGoddess decided to take a stand against all the garbage and The ScrapYard was born, with much help from friends.

New zines are published when life is unchaotic, pretty much totally randomly. However, no matter how long it takes to publish a new issue, it will not dissapoint. The print version is avalible upon request. The ScrapYard supports small business, and is printed exclusively at Creative Printing in Land O Lakes, Florida.

For more info, to be placed on a mailing list or to ask questions, please contact the PITGODDESS at


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