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Free circuit bent software synth for Reaktor
podcast "the Difficult Listening Channel"

Free circuit bent soft synth ensemble.
You'll need Native Instruments Reaktor 4 or 5 to run it.

circuitbent v. 0.21
created by Michael Oster

It glitches, screams, throws fits, and produces other chaotic sound outbursts!

Experience "the Difficult Listening Channel" podcast where the sounds in my head become the sounds in yours. more

free download soft synth ensemble for Reaktor 4 by Michael Oster

MP3 audio demo of sound effects.
circuitbent v. 0.21
(recorded without effects)

remember to
"save to disk"


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What it is:

An ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor 4. It is a circuit bent software synthesizer, created to mimic the sounds of glitching digital instruments and toys. I designed the underlying synth in this ensemble to generate confusion, chaos, uncertainty, noise, and glitches. I added components that came standard in Reaktor 4 such as the arpeggio sequencer, e-lfo's, and wave wrap to further enhance the chaos. I may have modded those components to some degree, but this has been a "work in progress" off and on for the last year and I've surely forgotten some things.

What you need:

You must have Native Instruments Reaktor to use this ensemble. I created this ensemble in version 4 of Reaktor and I haven't tried it in any other versions. You'll need a computer capable of running Reaktor and, of course, Reaktor. Download the ensemble "circuitbent021.ens" and place it in your Reaktor library.

Operation notes:

You'll have to start the Reaktor "clock" to get this ensemble to work correctly. Also, toggle the "On/Off" buttons on both of the arpeggio sequencers on occasion. Press buttons, tweak knobs, randomize, explore!

This is version: 0.21 which is very stable on my Powerbook 1.5GHz running Mac OS X 10.4.3. Please contact me if you find any bugs or have other issues.


FREE!!! But if you want to send me good wishes, purchase my CDs or sound effects CD-ROMs, please feel free as I always have bills to pay.

If you use this ensemble in your work and would like to "credit" me or this soft synth, great. Also, links to my website are wonderful too.


night sounds CD crickets, night birds, rain drops

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This is technically "beta". There are bound to be some problems that might arise during your use of this soft synth. I make no warranties or guarantees about this soft synth (other than that I created it).
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** Witness the evolution of a noise instrument.


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