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Michael began his professional career in 1992 and started F7 Sound and Vision in 1993. His sound recordings have appeared worldwide in feature-film, radio, television, and on the web.

The Best Results for Your Dog. Suburban Thunder and Suburban Fireworks.

How Your Dog Can Get the Most from Suburban Thunder and Suburban Fireworks.

Suburban Thunder

This popular CD (I've sold thousands Suburban Thunder CDs and downloads) has been used extensively to help train dogs (and some people) to not be afraid of thunderstorms.

Suburban Thunder features over an hour of powerful thunder, rain and even some small hail. It sounds so real that it may even scare you!

Suburban Fireworks

Dog owners asked me to make a "fireworks" CD. Yes, I actually got numerous phone calls and email requests to come out with a CD of Fireworks sounds that could be used to desensitize dogs.

So, I set up my professional recording equipment in an explosive location. What resulted is this 68 minute CD, "Suburban Fireworks"

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dogs and puppies afraid of thunder storms
Many animal trainers/behaviorists and vets recommend exposing fearful dogs to the very sounds that they are afraid of. This is called desensitization. It works by playing the sounds first at low volumes and then slowly over time increasing the volume.

Using the best and most realistic quality of "fearful" sounds will certainly be beneficial in the conditioning process. Also, having a professional set up a specific desensitization program for your pet is essential.
If you have purchased or are considering purchasing Suburban Thunder and / or Suburban Fireworks to desensitize your dog, I've come up with a few tips that will help you get the most out of these products.

First and foremost, I want your companion to get results from these recordings (which means that your pet will have a much more comfortable life), so I strongly suggest that you follow my advice so that you can get the best outcome.

#1 - Consult a veterinarian or animal trainer who has experience in canine desensitization. They will be able to lay out a specific protocol for your pet. Once they do, follow their advice. If you're not getting the right results (or any results), then go back to them and they will modify the program to better suit your pet's needs. Remember, every dog is special and unique.

#2 - The desensitization process takes time. If you're expecting immediate results, you will be disappointed. It just doesn't happen right away, especially with adult animals. This is something that you and your pet are going to have to work on together and some time (weeks or even months). Consider it an opportunity for further bonding between you and your companion.

#3 - Use a really good sound system for playback. Thunder and Fireworks produce some very percussive and low frequency sounds that need larger speakers and lots of power to be reproduced effectively. Remember dogs have a much better sense of hearing than humans. What fools you may not fool them.

Your computer's speakers will not be good enough for the job. Let me repeat this: your computer's speakers will not be good enough for the job. Neither will those very small "clock radio" sized systems. Use the largest and most powerful system you have for playback! Please :-) I have had customers say that their pets ran for cover just from hearing the online demo played back from their computer speakers. But I believe that this is the exception and not the rule.

If you're not getting any response from your pet, you more than likely need a better playback system.

#4 - See Rule #3. No, really, I mean it. The best playback system that you can get your hands on will insure the most effective results for your pet. You're trying to get these recordings to sound as natural (as in, just like you hear outside) as you possibly can.

Good luck, and keep trying. This process takes time and patience and can really improve your dog's life. Your companion is worth it and then some :-)

Downloadable versions of these recordings can be purchased by clicking either of the links above.
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