F7 Sound and Vision professional recording studio and audio production services. Located in Tampa, Florida.

Back in the '90s My services were mainly field recording, mastering, and tape to CD transfers. In those days I was recording music, motivational seminars, voice for commercials, and sound effects. Digital editing was also a big part of my work too.

Today, my business has evolved into more. Now, my business provides recording related information to people all over the world. That information deals mostly with sound; how to better use equipment; production tips; answering specific emails; gear reviews, and even some financial topics. I'm also promoting and selling my CDs and Concept:FX CD-ROMs through the web.

Now, I spend most of my time working with recording equipment, building and updating my websites, producing and promoting new CDs, and answering email. The only non-information service that I offer to outside clients is mastering and even that is on a limited basis.

CD, compact disc.
DAT digital recording in studio and on location
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Microphone Tip!
Before you trash your old microphone and buy a new one, try something simple and unleash the multiple personalities of the mic you already have... more

It's not the gear.
It's how you use it. Skill counts big in recording... more

Diary of a Recorded Sound
What happens to make, record and playback sound? more

The Story Behind My CDs
Personality, character, style, emotion and more go in before a CD ever comes out. There's a method to this madness. more

Recording the sounds of storms
How I record the dynamic sounds of a thunderstorm without getting killed... more

Record a Fart
Put the microphone where? Here's a few points to consider before documenting that gas discharge... more

podcast "the Difficult Listening Channel"

Scrap Yard
Brutal metal zine from the PitGoddess. Interviews, reviews, and more.... more

Experience "the Difficult Listening Channel" podcast where the sounds in my head become the sounds in yours. more

LaptopNoise.com small banner

Turn the average laptop into a brutal noise machine. This site explores the computers, software, performances, noise and experimental music artists.

Michael Oster
F7 Sound and Vision's Michael Oster has recorded music, thunderstorms, F-18s, wild animals, kitchen utensils, celebrities, strange insects... He also makes the coffee and takes out the trash. more

recording music, sound effects, broadcast, CDs.

Circuit Bending
No instrument is safe. No toy left unbroken! The quest for new sounds has led me to this - circuitbending. more

ReGurgiTron electronic music
night sounds CD crickets, night birds, rain drops

Sound of a Dying Hurricane
A Hurricane in Your Headphones!
An intimate soundscape of Hurricane Frances as she spins down over Tampa, Florida (Sept. 2004)... more

Suburban Fireworks
Suburban Fireworks
July 4th 2004: Hundreds of households ignite anything that burns to celebrate and your're in the middle of it! more
Suburban Thunder - is your dog afraid of thunderstorms?
Suburban Thunder
Thunderstorm Warning! A powerful Florida thunderstorm captured like none before. Hear intense lightning strikes all around you. more
night sounds CD crickets, night birds, rain drops
Night Sounds
Midnight breezes, rain drops, crickets, frogs, and more. Escape and relax with Night Sounds. more

Tape Destruction
Destroy cassette tapes and get some awesome, mutated new sounds. It's fun, easy and I show you how to do it effectively. Pictures and audio examples right now.

cassette tape destruction


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