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Music and recording gear. There's plenty of stuff to choose from. Rack mounted, pedals, computer based, standalone. Here's a list of some of the gear that I use in my studio - stuff I've paid for, and why I like and use it.

Disclaimer. The opinions expressed are those of Michael Oster and may not reflect that of other audio and music professionals. Your mileage may vary. Just because I like one piece of equipment does not guarantee a thing. F7 Sound and Vision and Michael Oster are not liable for any damage caused by your agreement or disagreement with the following:

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Apogee Big Ben
Zaolla Z-sub snake
Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive

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Alesis Bitrman
AKG C 1000s
Digidesign Mbox

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Manley Vari Mu Compressor

Native Instruments
Reaktor 4

PSP VintageWarmer

What it is: software plug in for the PC and Mac (VST, RTAS, MAS, DirectX, AudioUnit)

What it does: single/multiband compressor/limiter with 2 band EQ; digital simulation of analog "characteristics".

Cost: $149 US - download from PSP Audioware site.

VintageWarmer is one of my "must have" plugs. I've purchased 2 copies (one for each Pro Tools system that I use). Why? This plug in just sounds great and it's very easy to hear the difference that it makes. Its control labels are a bit "unconventional" compared with those of a traditional compressor, but you can easily get past that by using the factory presets as starting points (a little tweaking goes a long way). There may be some explanations in the instructions, but, I've never read them.

I've been using VintageWarmer for a couple of years now on both a PowerMac G3/266 desktop (OS9) and a PowerBook G4 1.5GHz (OS 10.4.x) as an RTAS plugin for Pro Tools (v5 and v6/v7) with no problems to speak of. VintageWarmer can be used to pump up a mix, or for mastering (although I use it in conjunction with other plugs and outboard for mastering), and adding a punch to "sterile" sounding tracks. This doesn't mean that VintageWarmer is a "fix" for poorly recorded material or that it will immediately make mediocre mixes sound like multi-million dollar productions. As with any audio tool, it takes "ears" and a brain to get the most from it.

At a cost of $149 US, VintageWarmer is a huge deal, and it was a "no brainer" for me to purchase 2 copies so that both my PT setups could benefit from it. Yes, there's a downloadable demo on the PSP Audioware site, but be prepared to purchase VintageWarmer once you hear it. The sound sells itself. Bottom line: VintageWarmer is one of my production "must haves", it's amazingly inexpensive, sounds great, and I highly recommend it.

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