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Michael Oster
Edison made the light bulb. Michael made the "Mushroom Accelerator". There's a test later. more

podcast "the Difficult Listening Channel"

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DAT Killer!
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SD 702 digital field recorder review.
Bobcat in my Backyard!
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CD Trauma!
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CD Trauma
thunderstorms 2006 CD-R
Thunderstorms 2006
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Tape Destruction
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Field Recording
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Be an Audio Engineer
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Fame, Fortune, Women.... Yeh, right! :-) more
Mountain Streams and Waterfalls CD
Mountain Streams and Waterfalls CD
This CD May Put You Right to Sleep...
"Mountain Streams and Waterfalls" - Expertly captured and presented in this 56 minute uninterrupted CD are the pure and relaxing sounds of nature's beauty. more

Make Your Web Site Successful
Take Your Web Site from "Online Business Card" to "Cash Generator"!
(remember that my way is not the only way)

Quick background: This site (F7 Sound and Vision) has been online for over 10 years. I've spent nothing on advertising it (other than a few print ads - years ago - which promoted some of my audio services - those ads did include my web address). This site consistently receives 500,000 hits (or more) every month.

But you're not here to read about my website's statistics. You want to know what I did to get so much traffic so that you can do the same or better for your web sites - right? That's what I thought so here's what I do.

I learned HTML and I'm good enough with it to make effective use of the META and ALT tags. This is very basic stuff here, but it works. META and ALT tags are essential to getting high rankings on search engines.

This homework might set you back a day or two at the most. I also learned some basic graphic design. Enough to know how to make web-efficient graphics that download quickly.

There are plenty of books on HTML and creating web graphics. Take a web design course. Consider your time learning this to be an investment. BTW, you don't have to create your site(s) by hand-coding HTML. That would take forever.

Create useful content. High ranking and high traffic web sites have useful content. What's content? Stories, humor, free stuff, video, audio, blogs, software, product reviews, things to download, how to's, information that serves others (original content is best!).

The web thrives on content! Search engines thrive on content. So, create something. Tell your story. Help others. Put it out there for the WORLD to use. Do that and search engines will find you. Then people will find you.

Updates. A successful website is almost like a living being. It must change and grow. Give people a reason to visit, then give them more reasons to come back. Then give them reasons to LINK to you and talk about you. And, while you're at it, make sure to set up outbound links from your site to other useful sites! Update often.

Time is essential. What I mean here is that it's going to take time to get this going. How much time? Several months probably. Good content takes time to create. Realize that creating, maintaining and growing a successful website is an ongoing process (and business!).

Use my model. My web business focus is essentially this: Entertain, Inform, Inspire. With that, everything falls into place (and it has done so for years).

Entertain - My goal is that my visitors to enjoy their time while on my sites - to discover things, maybe even laugh a bit - and come back again.

Inform - I focus on passing on my experiences and things that I've learned (and even failed at) to my visitors so that they learn and benefit from their time on my sites.

Inspire - I want people to use their experiences on my sites in a positive way that sparks their creativity.

Improve my model (and other web sites' models) - Keep in mind that the subject material of my web site may not be what you're interested in. That's fine, just replace my "subject" with what you're focus is. Explore my site. Look for places that you can do better.

Then implement those improvements into your work. And, if you feel like letting me know what you've done, that's great. Look around the web for other high-traffic and high-ranking sites.

View their source code (this is where knowing basic HTML comes in handy) and see what makes them tick. Read their copy. Learn from them. And improve on their models.

Where web sites fail.

These are some of the things that contribute to the failure of a web site - in no particular order.

1) Lack of Content. Just a few pretty pictures and little or no text. No use of META and ALT tags. Maybe it's all Flash-based. It might look great, but it has "nothing" for the search engines to pick up on. REMEMBER: search engines depend on text and tags to describe web pages (at least for now).

2) SPAM!!!! Use of the same words or phrases repeatedly in text format and also in META and ALT tags. Also, making the color of said spam text the same color as the page background so that only the search engines can "see" it. Search engines may have fallen for this 10 years ago, but the people behind the search algorithms are smart and have made (and continue to make) adjustments. SPAM will kill your web site!

3) Lack of Time. Search engines can take weeks to spider a new site. You can't expect results in a short period - unless you have a HUGE advertising budget. A way to have the search engines get to your site faster is to have an established site link to yours. If you are "spidered" and don't have a decent page rank, make adjustments to your content.

4) Site is not Monetized. No money is being made from the web site so that it ends up costing too much to keep going. Use Google Adsense or similar to monetize pages. Create a product/service to sell.

5) Lack of Vision. The site has no useful purpose or has a bunch of "junk" content. Remember that this is the internet. Your audience is worldwide. Potentially a couple of Billion (who have internet access) people could visit your site. How are you going to SERVE them?

6) Lack of Focus. Make each page relevant to specific topics, rather than trying to cram a wide variety of unrelated information onto a single page. Remember that search engines reward relevance.

What Not To Do!
These things can make a web site really SUCK! And I can't stress this enough. Some people might briefly look and think some of these things are cool. But, when text is too large or small or close to the background color, nobody can or will read it. Here's some kinds of offenders:

Text too large and Blue
looks like a link - and the underline doesn't help - but it's not.

followed by:

Text too large and Red or Purple
with a nice underline. What? Oh, same thing.

Then, just for variety, we see the
Text that's way too large and, uh, Green!
plus underlined, just to emphasize some point.

With a
Big Ass Heading on the Line Below
to make an even bigger point.

or, the wonderful...
Text that's almost the same color as the background!

Wow, that looks way cool. What's that? Can't read it? Neither can anyone else.... Just because we're able to do these things doesn't mean that we should....
The Best Question Asked
The Answer to the Best Question I've been asked so far.... more


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