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Michael began his professional career in 1992 and started F7 Sound and Vision in 1993. His sound recordings have appeared worldwide in feature-film, radio, television, and on the web.

Halloween sound effects CD Zombies in the Basement!
Halloween zombie horror sound effects CD
Your neighbors may have termites, but YOU'VE GOT ZOMBIES!

Fortunately, these zombies won't eat your kids' brains or stink up your precious heirloom furniture with their filthy, disgusting, dripping zombie corpse smell.... But, they sound just like the ones that would!!!!!

Now you can have all the wonderful sounds of a horde of brutal, brain-hungry, reanimated zombies being undead and making all kinds of "zombie" noise, in your basement without all the mess... even if you don't have a basement.

mp3 audio clip:
mp3 sound sample

Of course, the CD sounds much better than this online sample and my voice isn't on there either.

The Perfect Solution

There are so many special events that just scream "ZOMBIE" like Halloween parties, weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs, reunions, graduations, and retirement celebrations. But, getting a group of rancid zombies together on short notice is always a hassle.

First you've got to hire the voodoo priest. Then you need a bunch of rotting, festering corpses. And, you have to get all the waivers signed, county permits filed, then
hide your pets, and so on.... What a drag!

Well, you can skip all that when you get "Zombies in the Basement!". In just seconds your place will sound just like you've got... well... zombies in your basement. It's
feature film sound quality is intense, packs a punch and is so... disturbingly life-like that you might be tempted to load your shotgun and start blasting (please don't)!

"Zombies in the Basement!" is a killer CD in a way that only the sounds of the zombie undead can be killer. And that's saying a lot. Plus,
I guarantee that you'll love it or I'll refund your money! So hurry up and order your CD before they call animal control on me.

CD program time - [62:12]

Production Info:

Recording, sound manipulation, digital editing, and mastering by: Michael Oster

Playback Suggestions:

"Zombies in the Basement!" is an hour long non-stop sound effects backdrop made to enhance the horror of your haunted house or any other scary situation.

*** shotgun and machete not included
Download version now available from my BandCamp page for $8.00
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