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Michael Oster Photography Tampa, Florida. Specializing in Real Estate, Hotels, Restaurants and Architecture.
Michael Oster Phototgraphy Tampa, Florida.
Real Estate, Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Hospitality Photography Tampa by Michael Oster.

...and I photograph wildlife too!

Photography by Michael Oster - Tampa, Florida
Michael Oster, Tampa, Florida F7 Sound and Vision. Shown with the Sound Devices 702 digital field recorder and Rode NT4 stereo microphone.

I'm very excited to offer this service as part of F7 Sound and Vision: Professional Photography


Specializing in Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts. I will give you spectacular images of your spaces that are perfect for advertising and marketing both in print and online!

Important Message: I will be phasing out the availability of my recordings on CD very soon.


You will still be able to purchase the download versions which will sound just as good or better and be able to have them in minutes versus days.

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