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Ever since I can remember I've been messing with sounds and images.


From my first experiences as a child experimenting with tape recorders to my current works with Native Instruments Reaktor, Pro Tools, and other digital media. It's been a crazy ride.



Since 1993, I've operated F7 Sound and Vision as a professional audio production facility (with some video thrown in as well). I've done a lot of everything from audio recording, editing and mastering of other artists to releasing my own work.

Some of my sounds have been heard in feature-film, independent film, computer gaming and corporate releases (so chances are, you've probably heard me). Click here for a list of credits and projects that I've worked on since 1992.



Currently, I'm focused on creating new recordings some of which will be released under my own name or sold to larger sound effects enterprises for worldwide distribution.

Michael Oster, Tampa, Florida F7 Sound and Vision. Shown with the Sound Devices 702 digital field recorder and Rode NT4 stereo microphone.

My First Novel!!!


BOTS When 22nd Century Technology Fails


It's the year 2117 A software virus is spreading rapidly causing robots to go completely berserk. The only effective way to deal with the bots is to euthanize them. And then the fun begins.


I've put the first 40 chapters online with more on the way.

Michael Oster photography specializing in residential and commercial real estate. Serving the Tampa Bay area

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