Field Recording
Get out of the studio and record the sounds around you. more
Field recording
iguana invasion of Gasparilla Island

Iguana Invasion!
Thousands of giant reptiles call Gasparilla Island home. But are they welcome there? more

thunderstorms 2006 CD-R
Thunderstorms 2006
You've asked for more thunderstorms. Here they are! more
iPod Touch review
iPod Touch
I confess. I touched it. I watched video with it. I surfed with it. I purchased it. I reviewed it. more
Sony PCM-D50 Review
Can I have "too many" digital audio field recorders? Can a woman have "too many" pairs of shoes? I didn't think so.... learn more
Sony PCM-D50 digital recorder review
Thunderstorms 2007 CD / mp3
Thunderstorms 2007
The Most BADASS Thunder from 2007! Over 66 minutes my best recorded thunder from the '07 rainy season. more
CD Trauma
CD Trauma!
Lets take sand paper and razor blades to perfectly good CDs. more
Bobcat in my Backyard!
What looked like a common housecat when its back was to me then turns to reveal something wild! more
florida bobcat in my backyard
Mountain Streams and Waterfalls CD
Nature's poetry expressed in sound. Over 54 minutes of my best stream and waterfall recordings. more
Mountain Streams and Waterfalls CD
Mountain Night
A relaxing insect symphony.
Over 68 minutes of unedited, uninterrupted insect "music" recorded in the North Georgia Mountains. You're hearing it exactly the way they "played" it. more
Mountain Night CD
Mountain Night CD
Mountain Rain

Now Available on
Apple iTunes

Is there any better sound to sleep to than the peaceful ambience of a remote mountain rain? more

prepared ak47
Return of the Prepared AK 47
The most famous (or infamous) assault rifle in the world gets a makeover! What if I sampled the sounds of an AK47, processed the hell out of them and made a CD? more
Zombies in the Basement!
You neighbors may have termites, but YOU'VE GOT ZOMBIES! And they sound so real, you might be tempted to load your shotgun and start blasting! more
Zombies in the Basement! Scary sounds for Halloween on CD
Useful Masking Noise
A cross between a closeup waterfall hitting cool rocks, old analog television static, with a gentle touch of industrial fan and a faint hint of radio crackle. Think of it as being a fine wine for your ears. more
Useful Masking Noise
Electric PlacentaLand / digital download 2013 by Michael Oster
Electric PlacentaLand
It started as a synthesizer that I made called "Electric Placenta". It's also a play on a Hendrix release that some of you might recognize. more
Breakfast at Lobotomy's
It's intense noise. The kind you were warned about. But it's deeper than that. Complex and always moving, Oster keeps it going on "Breakfast at Lobotomy's" with thick, heavy walls of electronic destruction! more
Dr. ReGurgiTron (2011) Michael Oster
Dr. ReGurgiTron

Alien atmospheres surround you as sound Design goes wild in Michael Oster's 2011 CD release! more

Curly Tail Lizards and Knight Anoles Invade!
Pythons, Boa Constrictors and Monitor Lizards get all the press but there are other species that have made Florida their home. Check out my pictures of these invasive lizards... more
Messages From Space - Michael Oster (2013)
Messages From Space

The prequel to "...Aliens Invade!"
Weeks before the invasion a series of messages were sent to Earth. Complex and confusing, but highly specific instructions were embedded within a stream containing thousands of random sounds. more

Get all 3 Thunderstorm CDs and Save $8.00!

"Suburban Thunder", "Thunderstorms 2006" and "Thunderstorms 2007"

for only $40.00 Save $8.00. learn more

3 Thunderstorm CDs order page
Sounds that were never meant to be put together... were put together. A laptop computer was abused and then controlled chaos followed. Some things fell apart. Others simply broke. And more just slowly decayed. This is the soundtrack to what actually happened. more
Buster's Last Stand
Buster's Last Stand
Part 2 of this epic trilogy (Part 1 is "meow")!!! They've finally had enough and now the machines are through with being nice. A crumbling power grid and failing internet can't hold them back. Neither can the nation's best minds. A disaster slowly unfolds. more
Hungarian Throw-up Machine CD 2012
Hungarian Throw-up Machine
The third and final installment of this amazing trilogy! If you're ever in one of my dreams, never, ever, ever, under any circumstances get in an elevator. No matter how normal it seems. Just don't do it. Because it will get weird real quick. That's where this soundtrack begins. more
dogs and puppies afraid of thunder storms
Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks?
My sounds can help to calm their fears! more
Michael Oster - Charlie Don't Surf EP (2014)
Charlie Don't Surf - EP (2014)

If it were any longer, you'd go insane! You like cut-up, glitch, noise, broken beats and chip sounds? Of course you do. You think they play well together? Sometimes, maybe. Whatever, at least you can dance to this....OK, not even close. But after a few thousand listens, it will sort of make sense. more
The Best Question Asked
The Answer to the Best Question I've been asked so far.... more
DAT Killer!
I review the Sound Devices 702 solid state digital recorder.more small banner

Free Sound Effects!
Yes, I've got even more, LOTS MORE free sounds for you to download on my other site
sound effects Concept:FX CD-ROMs aiff and WAV sounds
recording music, sound effects, broadcast, CDs.

Michael Oster
You may not have heard of me, but chances are, you've heard my sounds.

I started my professional career in 1992 and my sounds have appeared in feature film, television and lots of other interesting places more

SD 702 digital field recorder review.

Welcome to the Supreme InterGalactic Headquarters
of F7 Sound and Vision

F7 Sound and Vision professional music editing, sound effects CD-ROMs, free music downloads.
Extreme Tape Manipulation
Play analog tapes on a turntable! I'll show you how. more
analog tape head on a turntable
Keys to Web Site Success
Get your web site noticed! Essential tips that you can use to bring more traffic to your site. more
Radio as a Processor
Give your music new character by transmitting it over the FM airwaves. more
radio as a processor

Record a Fart
Put the microphone where? A few things to consider before documenting a gas discharge... more

The Story Behind My CDs

Personality, character, style, emotion and more go in before a CD ever comes out. more

Microphone Tip!
Before you trash your old microphone and buy a new one. Try this... more

Gear reviews
Some of the latest and not so latest recording gear is put into action.

Suburban Thunder - is your dog afraid of thunderstorms?
Suburban Thunder
Thunderstorm Warning! So real it may SCARE you. more
Suburban Fireworks
Suburban Fireworks
Train your dog not to fear fireworks. more
night sounds CD crickets, night birds, rain drops
Night Sounds
Relaxing and soothing sounds take you away. more
sound of a dying hurricane CD
Sound of a Dying Hurricane
A Hurricane in Your Headphones! Nature's last gasp is captured on CD. more
Be an Audio Engineer
Want to be an Audio Engineer?
Fame, Fortune, Women.... Yeh, right!
:-) more
Just Noise Sound Ideas vintage and modern royalty free noise sound effects

Just Noise
Save 50%!! Sound Ideas 2 CD set of vintage and modern noise sound effects.more

FLUID experimental electronic music CD by Michael Oster
It began with a single sound. It became so much more. more
ReGurgiTron electronic music
Circuit Bending
No instrument is safe. No toy left unbroken! more
cassette tape destruction
Tape Destruction
Destroy cassette tapes and get some awesome, mutated new sounds. more
upgrade your skills free!
Million Dollar Upgrade
Improve your production skills without spending anything on new gear.... more

podcast icon "Difficult Listening Channel - 265 - Stupidity Strikes Again or: LOL, WTF?" There had been some really crazy ideas brought up to combat the economic collapse. The stupidest one that was implemented had to be the one where they reanimated Ronald Reagan. I guess they figured since he did such a good job of getting the economy going in the early 1980’s, they could count on him again today. Using the latest scientific procedures and the best minds around, they proceeded to bring the past president back to life. Like I said, that had to be the shittiest idea ever. Within seconds, Reagan turned on his handlers. He had incredible strength and speed which he used to easily break free of his restraints. Then, he literally tore through the living flesh of all those around him. Doctors, scientists, military, there was no difference. Each tasted equally good to the former president. Alarms sounded and the containment gasses were released. It wasn’t enough. Reagan had busted out and was now running wild. Gunshots rang out but did absolutely nothing to slow ‘The Gipper’ down. He had taken out the perimeter guards with almost no resistance as he ripped off human limbs, eating as he ran. Once on open ground, there was nothing to stop Reagan short of an air strike which just happened to be ‘the plan of last resort’. With that, a pair of A-10 Warthogs blasted the area to shreds using their cannon and bombs. Flames and smoke covered the grounds where Reagan had briefly run amok. Victory was short lived, however, as just minutes later and a mile or so away screams were heard as fresh flesh was ripped into. Reagan was still on the loose.

show release date 9-29-2014

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podcast "the Difficult Listening Channel"
Michael Oster releases a Trilogy

Get all 3 CDs "meow", "Buster's Last Stand" and "Hungarian Throw-up Machine" for $25.00 - save $5.00! more
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Many of my CDs are now available as mp3 and "Full Quality" digital downloads. more
Michael Oster's Discography Here's a list of the CDs and CD-ROMs that I've made since 1997. This does not include releases by other artists that I've worked on. more
Michael Oster - discography
Podcast - the Difficult Listening Channel
Michael Oster - latest news and credit information
Olympus BCL-1580 Body Cap Lens
Inexpensive character for micro 4/3 digital cameras. Like a "flea market" microphone is to sound, this lens adds a little something special to images. Check out my review and some pictures. more
Olympus Body Cap Lens review
BOTS When 22nd Century Technology Fails a novel by Michael I. Oster
My First Novel!!!

BOTS When 22nd Century Technology Fails

It's the year 2117 A software virus is spreading rapidly causing robots to go completely berserk. The only effective way to deal with the bots is to euthanize them. And then the fun begins.

I've put the first 33 chapters online with more on the way.more
Michael Oster's Photographs
Brighten up any home or office with high-quality (and even framed) prints shipped right to your door.

Yes, in addition to sound, Michael also works with images and now some of his best nature, animals, and abstract photographs are available for purchase. more
How to Become a Rich Audio Engineer!!

That's right, I said it. "Rich" and "Audio Engineer" in the same sentence.
I'm going to give you my most creative advice to date and show you what's lacking in the field. more
...Aliens Invade!
An experiment in human artificial intelligence sends an errant signal into space and aliens are inadvertently contacted. Then it gets weird. more
...Aliens Invade!
Huge In Japan

When Laptops Attack! Once again, Michael turns his laptop into a brutal noise machine. Using his latest and most advanced Reaktor creation, Oster unleashes a relentless wall of noise that's guaranteed to make you dance (not really). more
Michael Oster - Huge In Japan (2013)
Difficult Listening Channel [Director's Cut]

Get it the way it was meant to be heard! Special 24 bit mastered versions of the Difficult Listening Channel podcast episodes. Just the 'music'. All VO has been removed. Experience every glitch, hiccup, stutter and garble. more
Michael Oster glitchCITY (2014)
glitchCITY (2014)

You've probably heard of breakcore, speedcore, and noisecore.... Well, this is A.D.D.core! Just over 60 minutes of cut-up digital mayhem that will scramble your mind.
oddities (2014)

Extreme sound mangling pushing beyond what was considered 'the limits'. Your mind will be blown....again. more


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